3 DIY Bathroom Upgrades that Help Your Home Sell Fast


In the real estate world, kitchens and bathrooms are the rooms that sell homes. For budget-conscious sellers, the bathroom is the most cost-effective place to concentrate your With minimal construction skills, Using a self-installed custom framed mirror, LED light striping, a few other easy-to-find materials, and minimal construction skills, you can transform the bathrooms in your residential sales property from functional yet forgettable into a personal oasis that convinces visitors to become buyers.

Kick Up Large Bathrooms with a Custom Framed Mirror

Big bathrooms aren’t always an asset. Modern homebuyers prioritize utility and luxury over sheer size. Mirrored surfaces are an easy way to increase the glam in any space. Large and strategically placed mirrors fill up empty wall space and give your homebuyer an elegant dressing area.

A custom framed mirror kit lets you create the perfect piece for your project. Choose materials, design, and colors to match countertops, molding, and other built-in decorative elements. Neutral colored woods are options with wide appeal. For a more contemporary look, shiny metals evoke a sense of industrial cleanliness. With these easy to install kits, you can turn low-cost builder’s glass into a primary selling point.

Illuminate Your Space with Frugal Creativity

Lighting is a big deal in bathrooms. Lights over the sink or ceiling fixtures usually don’t concentrate on the right areas or fully fill some corners.

LED strip lighting lets you put light wherever you need it most. Long strips of plastic-coated LEDs can be cut, shaped, and glued into any shape or area you can imagine. Run lines of light along the inside edge of deep cabinets, around doors and windowsills, or anywhere you think could benefit. Use crown molding to hide LED strips that frame the entire ceiling for a sophisticated and useful feature.

Modernize Fixtures and Other Accessories

Dingy, old-fashioned, and poorly maintained fixtures make the value of your bathroom plummet. Spend some time at your favorite hardware store selecting new showerheads, faucets, and drawer pulls. Take a look at your towel racks and other installed features as well. It’s worth the effort and expense to make sure all of your accessories form a cohesive look.  For an even more frugal fix, use auto-grade paint to refinish existing hardware.

Give older sinks a new life with a quick application of ceramic epoxy. Laminate refinishing kits allow you to imitate the look of pricier options like granite and marble. Peel-and-stick vinyl options are fast and available in an astounding range of color and style options.

You don’t need a big bank account, tons of professional help, or expert handyman skills to improve your home’s desirability. Just a little time, some basic tools, and access to the right materials are all you need to remodel your sales property to attract lucrative attention.