Essential Tips on How to Attract and Retain the Best Tenants in Wapping


It is always a landlord does wish to attract and retain the best tenants, and they will do anything to make the business work. The definition of “best tenant” may be subjective and can change from landlord to landlord.

However, according to estate agents Wapping, the formula for finding the right tenant is always the same. If you are wondering why you are not so lucky with your current tenants, you should read this post.


It all starts with the right marketing. The first huddle landlords need to overcome is getting a prospective tenant to view the property. How can this happen? With a decent campaign.

When you hire an estate agent Wapping, you don’t have to worry about how to market your property. It is part of the estate agent’s services.

Without a professional to handle your property, you have to buy an ad, list the property on classified websites, and ask your friends and family if they know somebody who is looking for a place to rent. There is nothing wrong with this approach but a professional can help cast a wider net.


Most landlords are busy, and the prospect of saving their time is attractive to them. However, when it comes to viewing rental properties, they should have enough time for their prospective tenants.

Failing to give them enough time would lead to them missing out on the best tenants for their investment property. The concept of a single Open Day is a great idea. But there might be some tenants who will not be able to make it. In that case, scheduling individual appointments is better.

The amount of time allotted for the viewing and how you build rapport with the tenant are important during viewing. Getting an estate agent Wapping is better because they are not only experienced in doing this, they can also allocate an ample amount of time with each tenant.


Last but not the least component in getting the best tenant is presentation. How you present the property to your prospects is important, especially now. Gone are the days when landlords can still have renters even with unpleasant living conditions. Your rental property should be at its best to beat the competition and get tenants.

These steps are important when letting a property.

Repair: You should complete all the repairs on your property before showing them to your tenants. Do not attempt to put your property on the market if it’s halfway done. You may not end up with the best tenants.

Declutter: If your rental property is offered as furnished, you should remove all the clutter. It will free up more space and will make the space bigger and more inviting.

Freshen: Change the old wallpaper and give the walls a fresh coat of paint. Make your property look its best.

Clean: Hire a professional to do the cleaning in your rental property from top to bottom. You have to get it done because clean properties are not only easier to market but can also attract better tenants.

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