Protein-based snacks and their recipes

Protein-based snacks and their recipes

While planning for a balanced meal for the kids, parents usually view protein-based foods as the most dominant and reliable among other foods. The snacks rich in high protein will be supplying strength to the kids when they are performing their daily chores. Protein-based foods are the right option by which the children acquireample vitamins and minerals for their body. If you want to include something more, you can decide on supplement drinks for the young children junior Horlicks.

How much protein is necessary for child growth?

The requirement for protein relies on the age and weight of the child. When they reach in their teenage, the boys are suggested to have more protein foods as they are still in their development stage.  Kids from the age group of 1 to 3 years are required to consume 13 grams of protein every day.

Some of the protein-rich foods and their recipes are mentioned below:

  1. Smoothies

If you want something refreshing in the summer months after a walk or intense workout, then go for homemade smoothies. Nutrients that are needed to be added for making a healthy smoothie are yoghurt, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats that we can get from nut butter or chia seeds. For more nutrition, you can choose whole grains and mix them well. Smoothies not only helps in keeping the kids satisfied, but it will also provide hydration and rise in the energy level throughout the summer.

  1. Whole grains cereal

They can fetch a lot of carbohydrates for the development of the brain and active muscles. Whole grains, the prime ingredient must be mixed well with cereal and granola bars for extra crunch.

  1. Hard-boiled eggs

Prepare a protein-based meal in a few minutes boiling eggs, and adding pepper and salt on top of it. For an immediate diet, Horlicks drink is a fine supplement.