Tips to Consider for the Construction of Wine Cellar


The moment you start with the construction of a wine cellar there are few helpful tips that you can consider. It has been noticed that if a cellar is constructed with the use of a poor or you can say a wrong material then you will encounter a damp issue. Apart from all this, you also need to maintain an optimal level for the cellar condition. To do so, the humidity level should range between fifty to seventy-five percentage and the temperature should be around fifty or fifty-seven degrees Fahrenheit. Mentioned below are certain tips that will be helpful for your construction of a wine cellar (wine cellar, which is the term in Thai).

·       Allow More Space

Keep one thing in your mind that the spare space that you have is going to determine the size of your wine storage room or you can cellar. However, if you are planning to expand the growth of your wine collection then there should be extra slots available. The best thing that you can do is make a wine cellar as big as you can make. The reason behind it is that the wine collection increases at a rapid speed.

·       Preparation Of Wine Cellar

The preparation of the room is the first step that needs to be taken for wine cellar construction. If the room is constructed properly then it becomes almost impossible to maintain the healthy condition of the wine. Apart from the optimum condition like temperature and humidity, it is also important that you install 6mm plastic as the vapor barrier on the side of the cellar walls.

·       Make Use Of Correct Wood

You must stay away from all types of scented wood like cedar. The best thing that you can make use of is the quality hardwood. Redwood is the best quality of wood that you can opt for. However, if you want then you can still select some other good quality of wood. In addition to all these, you also need to make sure that a proper size of lumber is done so that bottle spacing becomes much easier.

If you follow the tips discussed above then you end up constructing a better wine cellar. Moreover, when you are building your wine cellar then you must also opt for commercial wine racks. Nowadays, it has been noticed that modern cellar is making use of wire racking to store their bottles instead of wooden racks.