Donburi: An Incredible Taste Of Thailand


If you are a food lover Than experience this incredible Dish of Thailand which is known as Donburi (ดง บุ ริ, which is the term in Thai). It is an exceptionally delicious dish that almost everyone loves to explore and trust me, it is difficult to avoid having it again and again for the complete satisfaction of the taste buds. It is made with such ingredients that it only has effective benefits and not any side effects. All the ingredients used to make the dish has their specialties to develop the health of any person. So if you are in Thailand and want to taste the famous dishes, you should start your tour with this amazing dish. 

What Donburi contains? 

You must be wondering about all the elements that make this dish the most preferred one. Then here it goes: 

Donburi which is quite a famous dish in Thailand is a bowl full of Japanese rice that has Aurora Salmon, Crab, Nori Seaweed(edible seaweed spices that include red algae genus) along with the stick of Japanese cucumber, Saku Tuna, White sesame, Shrimp, Saku Tuma(in other words Octopus). It is served with the seasoning of Wasabi and Shoyu. The entire combination makes the dish a must-have and it won’t be exaggerated to say that if you don’t have it, your belonging to Thailand will be incomplete. 

Is Donburi originated in Thailand? 

The dish started its origin in Japan during the Edo era. The first dish became popular when Meji Era ended which was approximately from 1860 to 1912 in Japan. Today, Makani which is famous all over the world almost is actually from the family of Donburi. But what is special in Thailand is their amazing combinations that are specially invented by Thai people. Although the dish combines the magic from Japan, the elements are truly curbed in Thailand only. 

You will not need to bother about the price of this dish as it comes absolutely within the budget. The range starts from $189 and can go up to ฿250 based on your additional requirements. You can taste this exotic food in any restaurant but do not forget to see the specialties crafted in making Donburi. Step in the restaurants and try this amazing food to give success to your trip to Thailand.