Tips to choose beautiful Lingerie which is Sexy and Comfy


If you are sexy, it doesn’t mean you should wear outfits which aren’t really your type. Feeling sexy and desirable means that you should choose means to enhance your body in a manner which matches who you are. Buying seductive and desirable lingerie works as an invisible friend which comforts you and helps you in remembering how amazing your body looks in a hot dress or a lacey nightie.

For years, major sexy lingerie wholesale brands have been endeavoring to create beautiful and gorgeous lingerie sets right from busty corsets, seducing lacey nighties to bikinis. Styling with special expertise, these companies stand for comfort and style. Low quality lingerie has a small life and doesn’t deliver promising results. It may cause skin irritation and discomfort because of the cheap material they are made of and also lost their elasticity quickly. So, make sure you don’t end up choosing low quality lingerie to save a few dollars.

Choose the right shape and material

It is important to choose the right fabric and material when buying lingerie. Remember that you want to feel comfortable and stylish in your lingerie. Going for high quality material like satin or silk will easily slide on your skin like a comfy veil. You can also move around freely in a sexy bra and lace panty. Elasticity plays an important role here. Fabrics like Lycra, microfiber and elastane give extraordinary comfort here.

Sexy and comfy lingerie for women of different taste

If you don’t like fishnet or string thongs, then you don’t have to forcibly wear them! Go for a bra set with plunging neckline and sleek briefs to get a natural look. You can also choose Bohemian slip dresses. If you want a romantic night with your partner, then bodice or corset can be amusing. You can choose high-waisted panties, triangle bra for your special night.

Right color is also important

Well, against popular belief, red isn’t just a sensuous color. Pastel shades work amazingly well on light skin tones.

Women with dark skin tones can go for bronze coloured lingerie. Flashy colors shouldn’t be just used for summers. Use light and dark colors according to your mood for some additional intrigue.

Choose the right choice for your body shape

When buying lingerie, it is important to get one as per your body shape. Depending on the size, body type and design, you can pick the right undergarment for you.You can get blouse wholesale online.

Women with broader shoulder should go for underwire bra to enhance their bust and get nice contours. Voluminous beauties will look great in plus size lingerie. They can experiment with transparent and laced lingerie. If you are more on the curvy side, then you can go for corsets.

Thin women can get uplift with soft cup bras or triangle bras. Try them on your blouse and see how remarkable you look.

Sometimes you wear lingerie to show off your body and seduce your partner. Erotic lingerie has no boundaries, right from babydolls to sexy nighties, you can get all from suppliers worldwide Feelingirldress.