We live in a time when electricity bills have become very high. Thus people are looking for alternative sources of power. This search of cheaper and more efficient energy has led to the growth of sites like you choose your preferred energy source from a variety of plans.

One such plan is the use of solar energy. Solar power has been a source of energy in rural areas from time immemorial. Currently, we have witnessed a growth in the number of people investing in solar energy for their homes.

In this article, we are going to look at the reasons why solar panel installation should be one of your new years resolutions


  • It is a renewable source of energy


Solar is a renewable energy source and is 100% clean. It has greatly decreased our dependence on nonrenewable sources of energy like coal, natural gas and oil for production of electricity.

These nonrenewable sources of energy emit greenhouse gases that are harmful to the environment. These toxic emissions are also responsible for global warming that may lead to the extinction of some animals and plants in the next half a century.

This is, however, not the case with solar energy. Solar energy does not pollute our environment. It also provides an unlimited supply of power that does not harm the ozone layer.

So, installing solar energy inyour home is not only an investment in the conservation of the future of this planet but a way of protecting the environment against nonrenewable sources of energy.


  • It gives you freedom and a steady supply of electricity


Of late, households in the United States have been experiencing inexplicable power shortages. US has longer durations of power outages as compared to other developed nations. It’s power grid was built over a century ago and, at the time, the population of US was not as densely populated as it is now.Additionally, there has been extreme weather conditions that interfere with normal production of electricity.

This growing populationhas triggered a demand for more electricity supply. As such, investing in home solar panels allows you to store more energy; energy you can use to power your home during peak hours.

This, also, gives you the freedom to regulate the amount of electricity you use in your household.


  • It is cost-effective and saves on utility bills


The cost of installing solar has dramatically dropped over the last decade. Also, the maintenance costs are lower as solar panels have no moving parts that are likely to break down.

Besides, utility bills have significantly gone up and solar panels give you an opportunity to offset those costs.

Solar energy is all-year round. It’s batteries save energy that can be used in cloudy and even rainy seasons when there is a longer duration of the absence of the sun. Depending on the type, efficiency, and size of the solar panel you choose to installed, some panels will generate more electricity than your household consumes. By selling this extra energy back to the grid, you are able to have an extra source of income for your household.