There are Two Ways of Securing an Internship


An Australian internship in any sector can be a rewarding experience for a candidate. The country offers a global perspective in almost all sectors and there are a lot of companies that look out for interns during a year. Whether a candidate belongs to the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management), Management, Hospitality or any other background, there are ample organizations in the country that promote the internship culture. These organizations can receive adequate manpower through such programs whereas candidates can accrue rich experience through the same.

Getting a job for a candidate later in the career can become very easy after an Australian internship. There are two ways in which an application for an internship can be made. These are discussed here for an understanding.

  • Submitting an online application – Online applications for participating in an internship program in Australia is very much used these days. A candidate can directly be in touch with a prospective organization that offers an internship in this way. There are no intermediaries in between and the complete process stays transparent for both the parties. There are many sites that list all types of opportunities that are available for internship in the country. Depending upon one’s choice, education background, and experience, an application can be made for them.
  • Taking help of a counselling agency – It is one of the more conventional approaches of securing an internship in Australia. There are many counselling agencies that provide services to candidates that look out for an internship opportunity in the country. They help a candidate in every stage of the application so that matching an internship requirement, visa processing, boarding and lodging in the country and much other help is provided by them so that a candidate can stay assured at all times. The complete processes in which these agencies operate are detailed as under.
  • Submission of documents – First of all, a candidate needs to submit all the required documents that may be needed for an internship. The counselling agency helps in getting all of them assessed and this is done at most places free of cost so that goodwill can be created with a client.
  • Confirmation upon successful application – Upon successful assessment of a candidate’s educational background and work experience, a counselling agency usually allows a candidate to apply with them so that they can help in searching a suitable internship for the candidate. An application form may have to be filled at this point along with making a payment so that it can act as a confirmation for the agency.
  • Searching an internship – Upon registration, the counselling agency starts searching a matching internship requirement for a candidate and when such an internship is found, the candidate is informed of the same. The outstanding fees can then be paid to the agency and visa and other travel requirements are then processed by the counseling agency on behalf of the candidate.

Australian internships are very highly regarded in most parts of the world so that after completion of the same, a candidate can easily get a decent job in the sector within Australia or in any other country. That is why a lot of candidates seek to complete an Australian internship in different disciplines.