SEO and the Results You Need Now


We begin to get into the heart of things. The SEO Services are different and each of them plays an important role in the success of a project.

Seo on page optimization

I’m sure you’ve heard of title tags, description tags, internal links, external links, seo image optimization, and so on. If not, don’t panic! I will briefly show you how the “perfect” web page should be optimized.

Before starting I want to remind you that seo on page optimization without an adequate selection of keywords is an activity that brings few results. After searching for the best keywords for our “niche” we must choose the most suitable ones for our business. For the Digital Agency in Thailand this is important.

It seems quite obvious that if our business provides highly specialized services with high costs, it would be completely useless to position oneself with keywords accompanied by words such as “free”, “low cost”, “do it yourself”, etc. and so on.

It is extremely important in an inbound strategy to know your target audience well and to address it precisely.

On-site SEO optimization

Before performing any Thailand SEO optimization operation it is essential to know the situation of the basic elements for a correct indexing on Google or on the other search engines.

Through an SEO analysis and we can find out the degree of optimization of these technical elements and then act accordingly.

  • The optimization for search engines of a website, as we will see, embraces technical, strategic and content aspects, but without a technical structure with solid foundations, all the actions we are going to undertake later will have less effectiveness or at least they will struggle more to bring results.
  • Therefore, first of all the quality of the hosting the website must be verified. A good web server returns the pages of the site faster and this, as we will see later, is one of the important factors for seo optimization and search engine positioning.
  • The analysis will also cover the status of the on page optimization of the site. It will be able to return data on the positioning on google and on a whole other set of parameters (backlinks, mentions, quotes, trusts, etc.) important to understand what the road to be traveled should be, but above all where to start.

We must also focus on optimizing the information architecture of the website. A well optimized structure benefits both search engines and User Experience. It uses the so-called tree structure, which places the most important pages of the website just a few clicks from the home page and then gradually descends to more and more specific pages.More easily it is possible to define monthly collaboration costs, which are also variable based on the amount of work and the company structure that we are going to commit. This can give the customer an idea of ​​the annual cost generated.