The History of Count Dooku’s Lightsaber


There are few sith lords out there that strike fear into the hearts of others such as Count Dooku. He was a sith lord who worked underneath Emperor Palpatine during the clone wars and fought relentlessly against the Jedi. Though he was a powerful force wielder, his lightsaber was a menacing weapon that could intimidate even the mightiest foes. Although the weapon was notorious, we have never had the chance to truly look at its awesome power and design. Let’s take a peek at The Count Dooku lightsaber and see what lies under the hood of this powerful weapon.


The Count Dooku lightsaber was crafted by the sith lord himself with a design that was designed to fit his fighting style. The lightsaber was more of a finesse weapon that would allow Dooku to strike at certain angles more efficiently. The sith lord would use this weapon countless times during the Clone Wars where he would cut down his enemies one by one. Eventually, his weapon would be his own doom whenever Anakin Skywalker would take his lightsaber and behead its former master with it.

Weapon Design

The Count Dooku lightsaber has a certain curve to it that would allow Dooku to perform more elegant maneuvers during combat. His style was to play with his enemies and confuse them with his quick movements. The kyber crystals emit red energy that indicates the wielder is, in fact, a sith lord. This weapon was designed specifically for precision and finesse whenever Dooku would fight. He won many duels before the Clone Wars and quickly defeated Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker single-handedly before Yoda intervened in The Clone Wars. However, Anakin Skywalker’s rage would overcome Dooku on board the empire starship in Revenge of The Sith and would eventually claim the weapon as his own. The whereabouts of Count Dooku’s lightsaber in the Star Wars canon remains unknown. Who knows where it may show up next in the series?

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