Short-Term Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Houston, TX


Any drug addiction must be addressed fast enough. This is where professional rehabilitation centres come in. Different programs are available to help addicts cope; one must choose what works for them. 

One of the most common programs is short-term alcohol and drug rehab. These short programs last less than 30 days and often involve varying therapies and round-the-clock monitoring. The programs form the first steps to recovery and addiction treatment in any rehab facility. More often than not, they prepare the patient for outpatient, inpatient, or residential rehab programs.

Advantages of Short-Term Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs

  • It allows you to separate yourself from unhealthy environments or people and focus solely on yourself.
  • Allows addicts to receive treatment for co-occurring mental health conditions.
  • Addicts receive supportive, compassionate care from trained addiction Professionals who help them work through the root causes of addiction.
  • Support and friendship from peers in the program.
  • Allows for evaluation of medication regime or medication necessities you may have.
  • It teaches you how to adhere to a routine (schedule) and discipline.

Disadvantages of Short-Term Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs

  • The cost of treatment can sometimes be expensive, but this can be covered by insurance.
  • Difficulty adjusting to routine or supervision associated with being in rehab.
  • It can be triggering to hear your peers’ experiences.
  • Missing family, friends, or being home.

Types of Short-Term Alcohol and Drug Rehab

  • Inpatient residential: Addicts need to be committed to the facility for a few days
  • Partial hospitalization: Combines both inpatient and outpatient plans
  • Outpatient: Treatment is done off-campus (non-residential)

All short-term alcohol and drug rehab programs offer physical and emotional therapies that help treat the addiction. Some types are more intensive than others, i.e. the inpatient program, which takes 30 days. This includes group therapies, detox, medication management, and offering a safe space for recovery.

The partial treatment gives some flexibility since addicts get to go back home at the end of each day. It works best for long-term recovery plans. 

Outpatient programs are more suited for people who cannot do inpatient plans at any cost. It works for busy career individuals or addicts that must return to school or other engagements. 

Cost of Short-Term Drug Rehab

While the specific cost of the rehab program varies based on the rehab facility, the short-term rehab plan is certainly one of the best values for your money. These are intense and effective at a reasonable cost. The good news is that insurance can cover the rehab cost regardless of your type.

Whether you prefer short term or long term rehab, finding a facility that accommodates your needs is more important. Taylor Recovery in Houston, TX, is a great choice for addicts or struggling loved ones who must be committed to a rehab facility. Call us today to discuss which program suits you best. Our commitment is to help you overcome your addiction struggles.