Weighing the Pros and Cons of Molded Pulp Packaging


Sustainable product packaging is fast taking over the work. The molded pulp packaging industry is growing fast, and most companies do not want to be left behind. Most companies are making a switch from plastic to a more eco-friendly option. With this trend gaining ground, it’s easy to see that the green movement will become even more monumental in the next few years. The real question becomes if you should switch to molded pulp packaging. If you want to find out if it’s worth it, check out the pros and cons below.


Without further ado, let’s explore the advantages of switching to molded pulp packaging.

Sustainable Option

One top benefit of using molded pulp packaging is that it is a sustainable option. You can recycle the material used for molded pulp packaging for long-term use. Choosing this sustainable product packaging helps to decrease carbon footprint. Additionally, the manufacturing process doesn’t cause high carbon emission and is, therefore, an excellent choice for your business.

It Has No Allergens or Toxins

Another pro of using this sustainable product packaging is that it is free of toxins. Molded pulp packaging is biodegradable because it is manufactured using allergy-free materials. Most traditional packaging is made from synthetic and petrochemical materials. These materials pollute the environment and can emit toxic gasses when they come in contact with heat.

Improves Brand Image

Many people are becoming more interested in eco-friendly options than before. Therefore, when you switch to molded pulp packaging, it can boost your brand image by improving how people see your business. Sustainable product packaging always has a positive impact on a brand’s view. When your business uses plastic products for a prolonged time, it can damage your business’s reputation. Most people will associate your business with non-sustainable products. On the other hand, going eco-friendly will help you attract new customers.


Like every other industry, the sustainable product packaging industry has some downsides. Check out the cons of using molded pulp packaging below.

Expensive to Switch

Some companies find switching to molded pulp packaging quite expensive. It is primarily because switching might require a shift in operation costs, especially when it concerns production. Additionally, the materials are pretty pricey at first. Although it is usually cost-saving at some point, it is not generally at the beginning of the shift. However, if you are thinking long term, this may not be so much of a con.