Dual diagnosis of alcoholism and Depression


CDC findings in 2013 revealed that at least 50 percent of individuals worldwide would have to deal with a mental disorder at one point in their life. Unfortunately, despite this sad reality, when people fail to get the support they need to recover, they mask their feelings and emotions. Drugs and alcohol become easy remedies and friends to turn to in such cases.

The Connection Between Alcohol and Depression

Many mental illnesses and issues result from alcoholism. Alcohol contributes directly to mood disorders leading to depression which is often a mask of an underlying emotional problem. Experts believe that depression is an inverted anger that people suffering from it cannot express.

Fortunately, when adequately addressed, it is possible to break free from the snares of both addiction and mental disorders. The sad bit is that depression worsens with more alcohol intake and could take a toll on users. However, you can arrest the situation before it gets out of hand by addressing the issue by first finding the right program to help you manage both mental illness and addiction. This is where facilities such as Skyward Treatment Center come in.

Understanding Dual Diagnosis

You have probably asked about dual diagnosis and wondered if it is a reality. Dual diagnosis refers to patients suffering from addiction and mental disorders. It is a co-occurring mental disorder as well as an addiction disorder. Patients struggling with this condition tend to be clinically depressed or exhibit limiting traits due to the addiction.

What Role Does Habit Play play in All this?

Habit is a major culp[regarding addiction and dual diagnosis. If you are used to doing something regularly and fail to do it, you may end up feeling trapped and angry. The feelings of unfulfillment and stress could affect your well-being. This happens a lot in the case of dual diagnosis, which pushes victims further into their addiction nd mental illness state. Many turn to alcohol and substance as a way out and instead find themselves sinking deeper into depression and the addiction menace.

How to Truly Recover from Depression and Alcoholism

The situation may seem hopeless, but the reality is that through hard work and extra determination, the addicts and affected individuals can be salvaged. To recover from alcoholism and depression, you must get committed to a facility that understands and has relevant programs to help you.

The only way to overcome and prevent relapses when dealing with a dual diagnosis is to re-wire the habits and routine practices and replace them with positive ones. Changing habits and breaking cycles can significantly turn things around and make it easier for patients to start a new one.

However, the patients have to confront their fears and do the work cut out for them if they are to recover fully. Enrolling at a facility with programs that support desires to quit alcoholism and improve mental wellness is crucial. Skyward Treatment center is at the forefront of ensuring that the patients they ace[pt make a positive turnaround. Feel free to reach out any time you need to.