Seven Things to Never Say to a Contractor


When a person is looking to hire a contractor they should take their time and be selective. A person has to be aware that the construction business is just that a business. When looking for a commercial construction or residential construction company 7 things should never be said to the contractor.

.1 Not the Only Ones

Do not tell the contractors that they are the only ones looking at the job. To get the best price at least three different contractors should be big on the job. They need to provide a cost for material and labor. This will allow the prices to be compared. If the contractor thinks they are the only ones on the project the price can be higher.

.2 Budget

Do not mention the budget the first time talking to the contractor. If they know the budget is higher they will adjust their prices to reach the high end of the budget. Allow them to bid on the work that needs to be done to make an informed decision about their price. Contractors may add more money to the cost of materials so be informed about the actual costs.

.3 Do not Ask for a Discount for Upfront Payment

It is not a good idea to pay for the entire project upfront. Some may do a poor job and others may never return to complete the job. The contractor can be paid some money upfront and they can be paid off once the job is completed and the customer is happy. When paying in full upfront there is nothing to guarantee the job will be finished and it will look good.

.4 Not in a Hurry

Do not tell the contractor that there is no hurry. They will take their time and may take days between work sessions. It is important to work out dates and deadlines with the contractor to make sure the job is completed promptly. If there is no hurry the contractor may take advantage of the delays which can cost more in the end.

.5 Choosing Materials

A person needs to choose the materials on their own. They need to look at the price differences and find materials that fit their needs. If the contractor selects all the material they may pick the cheapest ones yet charge the highest price. A person can ask the contractors about some of the materials they use so they can get a feel for the quality that they work with.

.6 Keep it Legal

Do not try to hire someone illegally to save money. Some contractors may work with those that are in the country illegally for cheap labor. This is a big liability. If someone is injured the homeowner can be responsible. This is true for commercial construction contractors and residential contracts. If a company hires subcontractors to complete the job you can end up in trouble. A person should always pay the contractors that are completing the job.

.7 Get Everything in Writing and Explained

A person should get everything in writing. This includes the price and what is included in addition to the timeline. This will allow the contractor and the client to be on the same page with the agreement.

These are 7 things that should not be told to a contractor. While there are many trustworthy and quality contractors out there they are still in the business to make money. A person should do their research and get everything in writing to make sure they are protected.