Seven Reasons Why People Love EMF Radiation Protection


To protect yourself from the hazards of electromagnetic fields, you have many options available and not all of them are technical. The best emf protection is sometimes the easiest. One option is to go outside, but doing this once in a while won’t help much. You have to go out regularly and spend time in a natural environment and when you do leave any electronic devices behind. That means no phone or tablet. It might be easier to do this if you spend time with others, so you’re not thinking of your phone.

Check around your house and see if there are any smart meters nearby. Smart meters aren’t required and they emit a high pulsing intensity erratic signal up to 190,000 times a day. Even more disturbing are the health symptoms that people experience. The complaints include decreased cognitive function, irritability, weakened immune functions, heart palpitations, hearing loss or ear ringing, fatigue, insomnia and headaches. These issues don’t come up until after the smart meter is installed. If you have any of these smart meters, have them removed.

Sometimes the best emf protection is to turn off the emf altogether if you live in any metropolitan area your no doubt surrounded by wifi signals. Wifi networks are all over. The easiest way to get temporary relief is to turn off your wifi network before you go to bed. The easiest way to do that is to plug your electrics into a power strip and flip the switch off before you go to sleep and on again when you get up.

Is the best emf protection hidden in a healing crystal or through divine love? You can judge for yourself. Many websites sell healing crystals that you can display in your home or wear around your neck for round the clock protection. Divine love, on the other hand, can help with your spiritual needs or so they say.

An innovative way that some might find useful or entertaining at least is to ground yourself. It’s a simple concept, and it’s based on the idea of “Earthing.” You walk around barefoot on the earth for a natural detoxifying effect. The science behind the idea is that your feet will absorb the negatively-charged electrons. It’s a natural filtering system that’s supposed to reduce inflammation which leads to autoimmune conditions, cancer, diabetes and heart disease. It’s also supposed to remove heavy metals, air pollution and trans fats. It won’t hurt and all you have to do is take off your shoes and walk around for a while. If you can’t get close to the ground enough to take advantage of earthing, then you can buy products like grounding mats that are supposed to mimic the effect along with other products you can find through online searches.

On a more practical level, you should avoid physical contact with your devices. Don’t keep your phone in your pocket for extended periods, and women shouldn’t wear them in their sports bras either. Cell phone makers say you should keep your phone at least 10mm away from you which is easy to do as that’s what speakerphones are good for. If you use your phone’s alarm to wake you upkeep it six feet away and don’t lay your laptop on your lap, especially if you’re pregnant.

An excellent way to protect yourself is to buy an emf protection case for your phone or tablet or laptop. They’re available at many retailers online. If you’re wondering if it’s worth the cost or hassle, keep in mind that holding your phone next to your ear forces you to absorb at least 50% of the radiation it emits. Emf is a growing problem, but there are many solutions.