Recommended Cheap Restaurants In Sydney


Are you looking for cheap options to your usual Sydney restaurants? If yes then this article is a must-read for you. In this article, we will be sharing recommendations of cheap restaurants in Sydney which offer delicious food at affordable prices. So here’s a quick look at them:

– The Orient Redfern – This place serves Asian cuisine and offers dishes worth $10.99. It also provides light lunches at just $8.50 as well as modern European food at the price of 11$. If you are looking for a place where you can eat without spending too much then this is the place to go.

– Joe’s Kiosk – This kiosk offers delicious meals at prices between $8 and $15. It specializes in African cuisine and has an open kitchen through which customers can see their dishes being prepared. The best part of this restaurant is that it opens all 365 days of the year!

– PappaRich Malaysian Cafe & Pancakes – This place offers Malaysian dishes at just 8$. They have a variety of options on the menu including drinks, soups, desserts, etc. The decor here is also very attractive. You will surely love this cafe if you are someone who loves Asian food cuisines. 

-Izakaya Den – This is another great Japanese restaurant in Sydney that offers meals for just $15. They have a variety of options on the menu including sushi, yakitori, etc. The interior of this place has an elegant modern Japanese feel to it.

-Spice I Am – Indian cuisine lovers will surely love this place. It offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes at just 9$. You can enjoy mouthwatering Indian food here along with some drinks for just 10$.

-Bikkle Korean Cafe – If you are looking for something unusual then head towards Bikke! Here you get to eat popular Korean food but in burger form. Their burgers are delicious and come in several interesting options. They also offer main course dishes at just $15.

-Stokehouse City – The best thing about this place is that it offers delectable Mediterranean cuisine at prices much cheaper than other restaurants in Sydney serving the same food items. Also, those who love variety when it comes to their meals should definitely try this restaurant which serves different menus every day!

– Japanese Food In A Flash – It serves authentic Japanese food including sushi at cheaper rates than other expensive Japanese restaurants in town. For only 9$, one can have an all-you-can-eat Sushi platter here!

– Bimbos – It is an award-winning restaurant located in Sydney. This place offers a wide variety of affordable food ranging from $15 to $20.

– Bilby’s Diner – The specials for the day are written on a blackboard outside this diner which includes delicious meals like creamy risotto, organic salmon salad, and pesto lasagna at prices ranging from $13 to $17.

– Glebe Point Road Hotel – Though it doesn’t serve any dish below 10$, one can still get light meals like baked chicken with mashed potatoes at just 14$. Also, you will find the tastes of European cuisine here!

– Basil On Broadway – Doner kebab meat cooked over hot coals is served here in addition to other classic Greek dishes at an affordable price of 20$.

– The Parkway Diner – This is a famous diner that serves light lunches and dinners at just $8 to $13. It includes dishes like roasted pumpkin salad, roast beef sandwiches, and meat pies.

– Butterfly & Pig Spanish Charcoal Chicken – Located in Sydney, this restaurant offers a wide variety of meals from pizzas to burgers for just above 10$.

– Peters Ice Cream – Perfect desserts are available here at just 99 cents each which include ice cream cones as well as chocolate-covered bananas.

– Gami Korean BBQ – All-you-can-eat option is available here with unlimited side dishes that will cost you 20$ only! If you are a meat lover then you should definitely try this dish.

– Haldon Street Kebabs – Located in Sydney, this place offers excellent kebabs for just $7 including options like chicken doner and lamb chops.

– Cafe Burz – This is another popular diner that offers meals from 10$ to 20$. One can enjoy authentic European food here which includes dishes like veal schnitzels, gnocchi with pesto sauce, and risotto of the day.

– Dunbar’s Candy Shop & Soda Fountain – You can’t get more interesting than this! Here one gets the best old steel coke on tap along with freshly made candy floss at just half a dollar each!


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