All you need to know about Indigo flight cancellation – 2021


Flights have become a necessary medium of transport for commuting long distances. It helps in covering large distances in a short time and therefore, is the best transport medium for travelling worldwide. That being said, there are various airlines available that serve their customers in the best possible manner. In this regard, Indigo has established itself as an economic flight for travelling throughout the nation. An Indigo flight booking will not just save your money but will also save your time to a much extent. With several flights scheduled daily throughout the day, Indigo connects several destinations at once and you can move easily to another city or country without any hassle.

However, unavoidable circumstances can appear in any person’s life and we might feel the need to cancel our flight tickets at the last moment. We go ahead and try to do so but get lost in all the procedures. This is because we proceed without a lack of information on the cancellation policies. So, it is important to know everything about the cancellation process before opting to do one. Don’t worry, Indigo has easy cancellation processes and therefore, you won’t face any problem while making the cancellation. All you need to do is know about the processes and other details regarding it and you can do it easily. Having said that, below are the points that you can go through before heading over for Indigo flight cancellation.

Cancellation charges will apply

This is a known fact. Booking cancellation charges at Indigo are applicable according to the standard of the seats. These charges can range from 2500 rupees to 6000 rupees depending on the time of cancellation. However, if an Indigo flight booking is cancelled by the airline itself, you can request a full refund or stick to the alternate itinerary prepared by the airline authorities.

Loss of belongings will not be taken care of

Change of flight timings and schedules might land you up in unsolicited trouble and can also result in the loss of luggage. This aspect is not taken into consideration by the authorities of Indigo since they are in no way responsible for the loss of your luggage. This can often become a major problem and end up becoming a hindrance to your trip. If you wish to avoid these hassles, consider looking for the airlines’ cloakroom and storing your luggage there. Thanks to the availability of 24-hour surveillance, the security of your luggage are the last thing to be compromised.

Cancellation and refund window operational hours

Be it in airways or railways, the duration for cancellation of tickets is specified. An Indigo flight booking can be cancelled 2 hours before the time of departure in the case of domestic flights. International tickets are available for cancellation 4 hours before the scheduled time of departure. In case an Indigo flight is cancelled by the company due to unforeseen circumstances, passengers have the right to a full refund of the costs or book themselves seats in another Indigo flight at zero additional charges.

Indigo Plan B

This is the part where we will be looking at the alternative booking you can avail as a special feature of Indigo. Christened as ‘Plan B’, this scheme becomes applicable in three cases-

  • Your flight has been cancelled by Indigo.
  • Departure preponed by 1 hour before the scheduled time.
  • Departure delayed by 2 hours after the scheduled time.

Passengers get three options to go forward with Plan B, the first one being reviewing the revised booking and accepting it, the second, reviewing and booking another Indigo flight as per your convenience, and the third, canceling the booking and requesting a refund. Please note that you can select any one of these steps to go forward with, without having to bear additional costs.

Time to process Refund

Generally, the time taken for the refunded amount to reflect in your paying source is seven business days. However, a delay might pop up unexpectedly due to poor internet connectivity, and fatigued bank servers. In such a case, passengers are requested to wait for 8-10 business days. If the refund does not show after that, consider contacting Indigo Customer Support.

Types of Refunds available

Indigo is a low-cost domestic airline and is a popular choice for quick transit within the country. While booking and web check-ins are seamlessly neat procedures on the website, cancellation too will not leave you disheartened.

There are two ways in which passengers can request a refund for their cancelled tickets. The first one includes an additional cancellation fee and transfers the booking amount to the card/bank account registered with them. Money transfers are seamless and there have been extremely few reports of a delay in a refund transaction.

The second method is to store the booking amount in your Booking Wallet so that you can reutilise the same for future bookings. Indigo does not charge additional costs for transferring this amount to the wallet. On your next booking, you will be prompted to complete payment from this wallet on the Payment page.

Indigo flight booking is mostly a hassle-free, unproblematic process to get quick and confirmed tickets. Intermiles is where you can head over for several details regarding the cancellation of Indigo flights. Their website also displays a detailed list of comfortable accommodations, experiences to indulge in and nearby delights according to your destination.