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Novita diamonds are one of the world’s most valuable resources. These are naturally made and they have an enormous variety of characteristics that make it unique. All the characteristics of this gemstone make the overall quality and value of a diamond more. The diamond gemstones vary immensely in quality and price so it is necessary for the customers to be familiar with the four C’s of the diamond. These are the basic grade in quality of a good diamond gemstone-


The cut of the diamond is one of the most important of the forces that enhances the overall quality, value, and beauty of the diamond. There are different cuts that have specific attributes to it. It increases the brightness which is the amount of light the diamond reflects. A poorly cut diamond automatically reduces the sparkle of the gemstone. The quality of the diamond cut is based on the polish as well as other proportions of size.


The color of the diamond will either increase or decrease the sparkle of the gemstone. Diamonds with less color reflects more light than those with light yellow or brown hue. The naturally colored diamonds are less available and these are always more and demand. The diamonds are graded according to the color of the gemstone. The customers are recommended to check the diamond in case they are purchasing the colored ones. It helps them to assess the quality and value the diamond better.


Clarity is one of the greatest aspects of a diamond’s value. Flawless diamonds are rare and it is expected to have little inclusions in it. The natural diamonds are created under extreme pressure so it is not surprising to have minor flaws in it. Both blemishes and inclusions are found on the gemstone. Blemishes include scratches that are found on the outer surface of the diamond. Inclusions have bubbles or cracks within the center of the gemstone. The inclusions and the blemishes of a diamond make it a unique gemstone.


Carat is generally the weight of the diamond that it is measured with. It is a little bit complicated to measure gemstones since they may have different densities. Diamonds with the same size and carat weight may not hold the same value because some have a better color or clarity. The cut of the diamond affects its carat weight. Some of the diamond cuts hold more value than the others.

Purchasing diamond

If the Diamond gemstone fits under all the grading categories, it can be considered to be a good stone. It is always essential for the customers to educate themselves while purchasing diamonds. You can purchase diamonds online and there are websites where you can get all the necessary details of the gemstone that you are purchasing. You can compare the prices with other websites in order to have a better idea of the product.  Purchasing a diamond is not only a time-consuming thing but it is something that one can cherish throughout their life.