Planning to Buy a Second-Hand Car? Here’s a Simple Guide


Buying a pre-owned car can be a daunting task with numerous alternatives. The market for used cars is massive, and the choices you have are many. With different combinations of age, features, model, the distance used and more, it becomes more confusing in deciding what car to purchase on your hunt for best pre-owned cars.

In this article, we have compiled a simple guide to ease the buying process for your pre-owned car.

#1 Inspect the car’s condition

Although you are buying a pre-owned car, its condition is essential so that you do not have to make frequent trips to the service station after the purchase. Thus, you must thoroughly check its condition. Make sure you take hands-on experience by taking a test drive. Also, ensure all the switches and toggles work as intended. Get it inspected from a trusted mechanic for any repairs that might be required immediately on its purchase. These preliminary checks will help you ascertain the condition of the car and whether it is worth paying your hard-earned money for a pre-owned vehicle.

#2 Registration Documents

Once you have seen and inspected the car in person, the next step is to check for its registration documents. It is the most crucial document that will help you, the new owner, to have a clear title of the vehicle. If the car is hypothecated with a financial institution, ensure the dues are cleared and the name of the original owner is restored in the registration document of the vehicle. Don’t forget to obtain original road tax receipts paid by the owner at the time of purchase. Along with registration certificate and road tax receipts, the original invoice of the car, NOC from the car loan providers (if any) are some other documents that you should check.

#3 Insurance certificate

Transferring the insurance is equally important as it is to transfer the registration certificate of your car. For making a valid insurance claim, both the four wheeler insurance policy and registration certificate should be held by the current owner, i.e. you.

There are three ways to have insurance for your car –

Change of name in the previous owner’s policy: Most buyers are unaware of this process to transfer their insurance policy and assume the previous owner’s policy is valid. Form number 29 and 30 are used to initiate this transfer of insurance from the previous owner to the new owner. With regards to the transfer process, you need to contact the insurance company, and they shall guide you with the detailed procedure to transfer the insurance policy.

In case the previous owner’s policy has expired or he does not have one: There are instances where the previous owner did not have a valid copy of the car insurance. Buying third party car insurance is mandatory as per regulations, and there is no second thought in it.

If you have a child at home who is a new driver, purchasing car insurance for young drivers is an absolute necessity. Young drivers are not only learners but also a little reckless at times. This makes it all the more important to have an insurance policy to protect the driver and your car.

Fresh policy: Buying a new policy is, in fact, the best alternative. You can choose your desired insurance company with the coverage that you need. Also, you can compare the various policies and then purchase the best-suited car insurance policy.

#4 Prepare your vehicle for its first ride

Change all the essential fluids like oils and coolants. It will ensure that the engine runs smoothly. Apart from the mechanical parts, get the interiors, and the exteriors cleaned. This way, you are ready to flaunt your new purchase.

Remember to take a note of the tips mentioned above while getting yourself a pre-owned car

Most individuals miss out on the insurance bit and then ultimately face financial liabilities at the time of an accident. Buying car insurance online has made it easier than ever before to purchase a suitable policy for your car, now with the added provision of calculating your premium with an online car insurance calculator. Lastly, do your research and make sure you pick the best car for yourself.