7 Tips to maintain your modular kitchen


The busiest room in the house, Indian kitchens are the scene of many fast-paced activities. We want speed and convenience in our hectic schedules while rushing around to get things done, and modular kitchen design has given us that convenience in the modern world. Moreover, the ease of a modular kitchen design comes with the added benefit of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home. However, a modular kitchen design is more expensive than a standard one. Therefore because of the higher cost, you want it to endure longer.

Here is the list of 7 practical suggestions to help you attractively maintain a modular kitchen design.

  1. Go Go Cleaning:

Regular cleaning of your kitchen is essential. To get that shining, long-lasting look, clean the various drawers and racks of the modular kitchen with a light cleanser and a soft cloth. Keep in mind that by cleaning your cabinets periodically, you can prevent any collection of dust or filth.

  1. Lock the cabinets:

If you’re not careful, oil could spill everywhere in an Indian kitchen when there’s a lot of activity. So keep all the cabinets closed which are not being used mainly. It will also prevent cooking-related steam from entering the cabinets or adhering to the surface.

  1. Examine the hinges.

We frequently have the habit of swiftly opening a cabinet or pulling out a drawer, especially when pressed for time. However, suppose you are not careful enough or act in haste. In that case, you might spill all the oils and other materials in your kitchen if your hinges suddenly come off. Therefore whilst cooking ensure to close all the cabinets and hinges to avoid unnecessary chores. It will not only help this way but will also stop the steam of the food being cooked from going into the other compartments containing other food items.

  1. Don’t act harsh with cloth:

Harsh things always destroy other objects. Remember, don’t use a stiff cloth in your kitchen. Keep using a simple soft cloth to keep everything like new. An improved approach is to clean and wipe down each component of the modular kitchen with a delicate piece of fabric.

  1. Care for tiles and walls:

To give your kitchen that gleaming appearance, it’s crucial to regularly clean the tiles and walls in addition to the cabinets and racks. Clean the tiles and walls periodically, ideally once a week, to prevent long-lasting stains.

  1. Periodically perform a deep clean:

Like any other area in the house, the kitchen needs to be cleaned regularly. Your kitchen will become more hygienic due to this cleaning effort, and it will also be simpler to manage the area. Maintaining a neat kitchen only requires a little self-control. 

  1. Allow air to enter:

Indian food requires a lot of stovetop cooking, which leads to odours, oil stains, and humidity because of the tropical climate. Let some fresh air in to give your modular kitchen design some decent ventilation and prevent it from decaying.