Multi-location Car Dealerships Need To Work with The Best SEO Companies In Indianapolis


Unless they have lived on the West Coast, many car customers in Indianapolis may never have seen Cal Worthington, but the announcer always said here’s Cal Worthington and his dog spot” only spot was never a dog. Sometimes a tiger, sometimes a seal, an elephant, a chimpanzee, a bear or even a hippopotamus.

In the 60s, 70s, and 80s, whether dealers were as crazy as Cal or not, that was the way to

sell cars, lots of spot tv ads, radio ads, and a weekly ad in the weekend newspaper.

According to a recent study for Cox Automotive, the average person spends nearly 15 hours on the internet before buying a new or used car from a dealership. And in point of fact, many people never even go to a dealership. They choose to use buying services such as auto concierges or go through car buying brokers.

So the main thing a Search Engine Optimization can help an auto dealership do is to optimize your dealership website for maximum search results. It’s a proven fact that the top three sites Google selects for any product, including cars, get nearly 75 percent of the clicks.

SEO is an all-out war

Dealers, locally, searching for the best SEO companies in Indianapolis should keep in mind that SEO is not just an afterthought, but an all wartime footing, and ensure that the best SEO companies in Indianapolis help you to redesign your website for the 2020s and beyond.

Factors to include are:

  • #1. SpeedYou want your website to load as fast as possible. Over 47 percent of internet surfers expect a website to load in two seconds or less, and 40 percent will abandon a web site if it doesn’t load in three seconds.

    Spend your money on a fast web hosting service as possible, which means among other things getting a dedicated server for your host.

  • #2. Consider only one, kick-ass car photoIn order to have everything load up as possible, have only one, kick-ass photo of a vehicle, generally the most popular seller in your dealership, and then have links to all of your other cars.
  • #3. Feature a video on page one of your best selling car or truckYour main image doesn’t have to be static. Make your kick-ass photo a video. Have
    a personable salesman go through a 10-minute video of the ins and outs of your best selling vehicle. Everything from engine size, interior, seating, gas consumption, towing and more. Make it easy for your customers to understand why this is a great vehicle.
  • #4. Follow with social proofCustomers want social proof this is a great dealership. Provide 3 to 5 comments from highly satisfied customers. Use a slider to save space, but customers want social proof from other customers.
  • #5. Make sure your website has a mobile versionThis is critical because nearly 72 percent of people use only a smartphone to view
    the internet.
  • #6. Consider having availability 24-hours per dayWhether managers and salesmen need to team together, you will really distinguish your dealership if people can contact you 24-hours per day to ask questions about your inventory. Offer this service and watch your SEO rankings skyrocket.

There are many things your SEO optimization company can do to help your ranking, by helping you select the keywords to attract SEO high rankings, as well as to be sure all the local keywords are covered, claiming your Google My Business page, integrating your Facebook page with your dealership website, having the right schema mark-up on y your website so Google and other search engines can easily find you, getting off-site backlinks, etc.

All these are important, but nothing beats being fast, being creative by offering exceptional content such as videos, and providing needed social proof to boost your dealership SEO