Albania is a lovely Eastern European country that is best known for its relaxing environment and the slow pace of activities. Albania is becoming more and more a top tourist destination for people looking for somewhere peaceful and calming. In fact, the seems to have become a favorite among elderly people and retirees who are looking for a place of paradise to enjoy all their hard work. According to Wales Cash Buyers, there are many good reasons why you should choose to buy property and live in Albania, including the very hospitable people as well as the beautiful culture.

What Albania has over most other European cities though, is affordability while maintaining a high standard of living. They have some of the cheapest house rates across Europe, although there are still a couple of mouth-watering and wallet-flattening properties located within the borders of Albania. These are some of the places where you will find the most expensive properties in the country.

  1. Korce: This beautiful city stands on top of a plateau in the southeastern part of Albania. It is surrounded by the Morava Mountains and it is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. The city dates back to the 13th century when it was called Episkopi. The city is now a citadel of beauty, cultural history, and local cuisine. In terms of housing, Korce has some of the prettiest properties in Albania with a large part of the architecture being modeled around French-style villas and coffee culture. With the cobblestone streets and grand villas, Korce is definitely a city to consider if you want to buy property in Albania.
  1. Durres: This is the second-largest city in Albania and it is a very important city from an economic standpoint. The city stands at a narrow point of the Adriatic Sea and that makes it a versatile port city. It is in Durres that you will find some of Albania’s most vibrant beaches and also some beautiful cultural sites like the remnants of Albania’s biggest amphitheater.
  1. Berat: Berat is one of the oldest cities in Albania and it has gone through its fair share of rough history. With history though always comes fascinating places and landmarks to visit and Berat does not fall short in this respect. The city was even listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2008, and with its magnificent mosques, narrow cobbled streets, and grandiose castle, it’s no surprise as to why the city’s beauty is so highly regarded.
  1. Saranda: This city stands in the southern region of the Albanian Riviera, and it is a highly energetic tourist town. In fact, it is probably one of the most popular tourist hotspots in the country. Saranda is an attractive town (according to John Adam Street) with its beautiful sandy beaches and ever-crowded restaurants. In terms of housing, there is a large selection of skyscraper-Esque apartments block located right on the water’s edge.
  1. Tirana: This list would not be complete without including the capital of Albania, the lovely city of Tirana. If you’re looking for some adventure and enjoyment, then Tirana is the best place for you to start in Albania. With restaurants and cafes lining the streets, as well as amazing nightlife, Tirana is the place to be for good housing and premium satisfaction. If you are looking for a quick sale of a UK property to buy in Tirana, please contact Quick Property Buyer.