How to choose the best portable wheelchair ramp



A portable wheelchair ramp will allow a more convenient way for those with wheelchairs. These portable ramps are perfect for daily travelers or residential rentals and easy to handle. They help you to clear curbs, thresholds, verandas, and other difficult-to-access areas. Folding ramps may also be used to accommodate moving chairs in and out of fans. There is very little startup time for these ramps and they can be dismantled and stored easily when it is no longer necessary. EZ Access Ramps are considered as most durable portable ramps.

These portable wheelchair ramps are available in various structures. The following are tips to choose the best portable wheelchair ramp.

Choose the portable ramps according to their weight and material:

There are factors you can remember before making your order while you’re in the market for portable ramps. These considerations include the weight of the ramp, the quality of the ramp material, and the material used to build the ramp. Aluminum, timber, and steel are the most common forms of material for these ramps. You will have to check that the ramp you chose is constructed to match the wheelchair and user height and weight capacity. You can buy the best quality portable wheelchair ramps from EZ Access.

Choosing a portable wheelchair ramp according to its style:

Portable ramps are available in various designs and styles. The following are some styles of wheelchair ramps that you can choose according to your requirements:

Multifold portable wheelchair ramps:

For circumstances where the case ramp is not long sufficient, multiple folds ramps are available, but portability is always needed. The multi-fold ramps can be found in lengths of up to 12′′ and weigh 600 lbs to 800 lbs. These ramps are harder to build and use as they mostly fold side after side and fold in the longitudinal direction. Moreover, because of their height, the multifold ramps are very heavy to use.

Threshold portable wheelchair ramps:

You don’t have steps to the door in some situations. But a jump or bounce establishes the barrier of the door itself, which you cannot reach. A threshold ramp could be suitable in such situations. Usually, a threshold ramp is made of rubber, a pad. It only sits on the hump that your doorway makes, providing a smooth, flat surface over which you can glide. When using these ramps, however, several doors need to be changed, so the ramp threshold ramp might not be in place. A specialist will mount the ramp and change the lock.

Suitcase portable wheelchair ramps:

Suitcase ramps are among the most popular compact, weight-light, wheelchair ramps that can be conveniently mounted, used, stored, and transported. They inhabit small spaces in storage but are typically only ideal for very low increases, as their duration is usually no more than 6′′. The majority of suitcase ramps have a capacity of 600 lbs weight, but some versions have a total of 800 lbs. They are very useful for manually powered wheelchairs and limited energy wheelchairs, but for these ramps, larger power wheelchairs are too big.