Loft Conversion- some essential facts and timelines to know


Many homeowners get confused with the proper use of empty space in the room. The most effective way to make use of empty space is loft conversion. This advanced technology is ideal for giving your house a spacious appearance. A space below the attic can get converted into a gym or small study room. This process will help you make a space into a functional room. Well, here, homeowners need to hire professional joinery kent to get the work done easily.

Some exclusive ideas 

  • Loft conversion seems an exclusive way to create a small guest bedroom. This small space can quickly get a look of a tiny bedroom where one or two guests can spend their nights. If the space permits, you can also place a television here for the guests’ entertainment.
  • A loft conversion is a helpful way to make a perfect place for arranging your furniture. Here you can place cupboards, etc which you can fit inside your bedroom or living rooms.
  • A loft conversion is a helpful way to enhance the daylight in your room.

Timelines of the loft conversion process

While you will hire joinery kent for loft conversion, it is necessary to understand the process timing for a loft conversion.

  • The preparation stage varies between 1 to 2 weeks. During this phase, all materials are gathered and organized accordingly.
  • The inside flooring and insulation work starts at week 3. This work continues till week 4.
  • During weeks 5th, 6th and 7th, a longer conversion process will occur.

Can all lofts be converted?

In general, all types of lofts can get converted, and you can get some functional areas in your house. The height of the roof plays a vital role in a loft conversion. As per experts, a roof with a height of a minimum of 2.2 meters is ideal for a loft conversion.