You should be focusing on Dwell Time in SEO! – Best SEO services tips!


This SEO world is a giant in itself. It demands all those things that get manifested into goodness. You make a wrong turn, and there sits the devil that pushes people out into oblivion. If you are into SEO for a long time, you might be aware of its tough streets. Link Building Services Digital White Labels being the toughest of all. You do everything right and still, the bar does not rise. Why? Because you miss that 0.01 %. And then you cry for the best SEO Services from, Digital White Labels says, around the world. Dwell Time in SEO is one such thing. Most people look over it in ignorance. But then they realize their sin. But what is this deal with Dwell Time?

What is Dwell Time and why is it important in SEO?

Take this scenario for a sense of clarity! Suppose you go to the market to buy gifts! There are many shops alongside the street. Some are of poor quality and none visits them. There also are some shops that have high-quality products, but somehow they are failing to attract the eyes. People are entering those shops but exiting them within minutes. This simply means that people are entering those quality shops but are exiting without dwelling there for much time. Their dwell time is less. This same thing happens with websites and their visitors too. The best SEO services always take care of dwell time, but amateurs forget it often.

Dwell time in SEO

What is dwell time in SEO?

When people visit a website, the website expects those people to stay there for long enough. Why? Because it logically would suggest that the website and its content have the power to hypnotize visitors through its quality. But what does quality have to do with SEO and ranking?

Content is King!

– Bill Gates

And it will always be. Bill Gates had published an article named “Content is King” in 1996 that laid its focus on the quality of content in the future. Google is no different. It believes that the internet is there to bring ease into the lives of those using it. If the content won’t be good, the internet won’t be good. Thus it has been focusing on the quality of content over the internet for over a decade. For this, it takes various factors into consideration to decide about the quality of the content. One such prime factor is this ‘Dwell Time’.

It is the amount of time for which a visitor stays on the website or webpage before exiting into another. The best SEO people always take care of it. Take the Best SEO Services from Digital White Labels that take all the prime ranking factors into consideration. And the logic supports this ranking factor too!

You might open any website through SERP, but you only will spend time on it if it will have some quality content to it.

The best SEO Services are focusing on Dwell Time – Digital White Labels

When you are new to this digital world, you get confused a lot between all the technical trees that grow upon these lawns. Similarly, dwell time too gets confused with many other terms that are there. What are these terms?

Dwell Time vs Session Duration

Dwell Time will only come into question when someone will visit your website through SERP. If a person is visiting your website directly or through some other source then it won’t be valued as Dwell Time. Whereas, on the other hand, a session duration would be the duration for which a visitor is staying on your website irrespective of the source it has come from. The visitor can visit it through a hyperlink, directly, through social media, advertisement, etc. Dwell Time is a fraction of Session Duration.

Bounce Rate vs Dwell Time

Where Dwell Time is the amount of time for which a person stays using SERP alone, Bounce Rate is different. It represents the percentage of total visitors of your website that exits your website without visiting any other page of your website. You would always want to keep this as low as possible. The higher your bounce rate, the more it will signify that your website does not have enough quality content to keep readers captivated. Thus, it will lower your website ranking in the SERP. Best SEO Services from, Digital White Labels says, quality providers always take care of these crucial data points.

How the best SEO services make sure that your Dwell Time stays high.

First of all, Dwell Time is not the cause but the consequence. To make sure that your Dwell Time stays high, you must make sure that other things that lead to higher Dwell Time stay in place. What are these things?

  • Quality of the content
  • Structure of the content
  • Proper SEO optimization
  • Website’s structure and its interface
  • Internal Linking

The quality of content has always been the top priority, and now it will grow further. As A.I. and M.L. will grow stronger and stronger further, content quality will become prime rather than SEO. Engines would be so strong that keywords would go less relevant to it. It would be able to understand the content using its own artificial brain and thus suggest an appropriate answer to the user query.

Link Building is important. Link Building Services, Digital White Labels says, are and will always be important. They are the basics of human nature. But links won’t be the only top factor. Keyword stuffing will start diminishing and quality will rise once again between us.

Website’s Structure has much to do with Dwell Time

Core Web Vitals has been the latest addition to the SEO game. Many people think that SEO is all about keywords, tags, media alignments, and link building services, Digital White Labels stresses, but it is also about how your website is built. The game has changed. If your website is slow, people will automatically tend to lean less upon your lawns. This will not only increase your bounce rate but also reduce your Dwell Time and Session Rate. SO, what are the qualities of a good website?

  • The website is fast to load.
  • The website has the ability to get aligned as quickly as possible.
  • And the website should have action buttons properly placed with a quicker response time.

And what are these Core Web Vitals?

  • LCP – Largest Contentful Paint – The time your webpages biggest element takes to load before the user.
  • FID – First Input Delay – The time it takes between clicking an action button and it having responding.
  • CLS – Cumulative Layout Shift – How fast does a web page aligns completely before the eyes of a visitor?

When you use a website builder, you reduce the quality of your website. Furthermore, you won’t be able to make flexible changes to your website because of the limitations laid. Thus, always go for professional website developers. Best SEO Services from Digital White Labels also come with website development services. It is always good to gather all the services from one roof because of the benefit of harmony.

So, now you know what Dwell Time is and how important it is per the prospect of SEO, make sure you give it the respect it deserves.