How To Make Rooms Smell Good And Fresh




Among the 5 senses, noise is a highly sensitive part that relates to smell. The power of discrimination against smell in human beings is more than 1 trillion. The rooms where you spend your time with your family have a mass of smells in which there is a strong possibility to have unpleasant smells. Who wants their rooms to smell bad but it is the reality that it does.

The reason behind a moldy odor or musty odor is conceded to be increasing the number of molds present in the room. The list of reasons why that smell or any other stink smell is coming from rooms is endless but the important thing is to make the room smell fresh again. Here are solutions for unpleasant smells in your rooms.

Solution For Unpleasant Smells

  • Use Fragrance

The most common method used by everyone is the use of fragrance. They are the best and the easiest way to make your rooms smell good, there are many products on the market for your rooms and you can pick up the best fragrance as per your choice.

  • Air Ventilation

The simplest way to make your room smell fresh is to open the windows and door daily for a while. The closed rooms are most prone to a musty odor. 

  • Deep Cleaning 

You need to give your whole home a deep clean once a month to make the room smell fresh (วิธี ทํา ให้ ห้อง หอม which is the term in Thai) The meaning of deep cleaning is to clean the dust which comes from outside use vacuum cleaner and microfiber dust rag, etc.

  • Manage Your Trash 

The trash in your dustbin is another source of a bad smell in your rooms. You need to manage the waste carefully and separate them and dispose of it daily or after every two days. 

  • Other Reasons

The other thing you can do is to check where the smell is coming from to remove or waste that particular thing. For instance, your pet can have broken something or left some food in your room corner which creates a smell after some time.

To make your room smell fresh and smell good you can do many things, many of them can be done regularly and once a month. If every day you take care of small things in your hands that are easy, they can be proved an effective way to make your rooms fresh.