How To Fix a Crashed Computer in Windows: 5 Common Issues


If you own a PC with an HP Envy 4520 driver If the PC crashes or your PC is slow and you can’t get it to do anything. You may be worried that your PC is a goner and that you’ll have to shell out exorbitant amounts of cash for a new one. Another concern may be that all of your data is lost if it hasn’t been stored to external sources such as the cloud.

All is not lost and your PC should be able to be recovered. Here are some steps to follow to fix your broken computer. Knowing some common issues that might be causing the PC crash could help you move forward.

  • Freezes frequently, or Crashes

Windows has a diagnostic mode known as “Safe Mode”. While in “Safe Mode”, check for a “soft crash”. This will look similar to regular mode, but with minimal options.

To get into Safe mode, form your computers off position, turn it on and hold the F8 key until the computer has powered on.

If your computer keeps freezing it could mean that you have run into a bug. Notate the place where the computer started to freeze and restart again with the Safe mode process. On the second attempt choose the Process tab and sort the list that appears and look for the software that might be the problem. Also, check for any viruses that your PC might be harboring. If your computer crashes or freezes in both Normal and Safe modes, this could be a sign of faulty hardware.

  • Your PC laptop is slow to load

Restarting the PC might be the issue but when the computer has problems turning on you may want to look at a few other possibilities. Try clearing your search history and unwanted downloads as well as deleting cookies that might have accumulated on your system. Having lots of old data that you aren’t using can slow down the speed at which your computer thinks and solves. Erasing old data can speed things up significantly.

  • Your computer Keeps overheating

When your computer keeps overheating it can slow down your system and make it run inefficiently. Here are some things you can do to make your PC keep its cool. Clean the Dust Case.

Your computer’s case protects it from dust and debris that can slow it down. The case can get clogged and this can cause your fan to run inefficiently and the airflow can get blocked. Making sure that the computer is well ventilated and that your fans are running properly will help you prolong the life of your computer and ensure it runs smoothly.

      4)  Your computer’s Memory is Failing or insufficient

This could be due to overheating or the age of the computer, and there may not be enough memory left for the computer to work properly while on. If the storage is full to the brim clear your computer’s memory and the problem should fix itself.

     5) Crashes caused by Viruses or Malware

There is software that can restore a previous version of your drive before it ran into the Malware. You may lose a few items you were working on, but this option will help you move forward with the life of your PC computer. HP Envy 4520 driver works with software from HP that can help with this issue

Don’t get discouraged if your PC suddenly Crashes. There are steps you can take to restore the health of your computer. Following this process should help you get your PC back to where you need it to be.