How to choose stowable swimming pool for mid-summer fun?


The Aussie summer is closing in fast. The hot weather in November may mean we have a long and terribly hot summer up ahead. But summertime also means it is pool time. Digging up your backyard to build a pool is too late for now. But stowable swimming pools are here to rescue.

An inflatable pool is great for kids, but not for us. If you are looking for a semi-permanent option that can free up your backyard in the winter, above ground pools are perfect for some adult splash.

But, setting up a pool that last the summer mean you will have to maintain it like an actual swimming pool. Unlike inflatable pools, water circulation and filtration are essential to keep the water clean for a pool party anytime.

The size of your pool is one of the factors you must consider before buying one. If you have smaller kids at your place, shorter pools are recommended just for safety. Bigger does not mean better every time. For an enjoyable party, don’t risk it.

The volume of water in your pool determines what size of pump is needed for the pool. Generally, it is recommended to turnover the entire volume of the pool at least once a day. The higher the rate of turnover, the better the quality of water. However, be mindful of the units of calculation. If the pump is rated with gallons-per-hour and the pool in liter, converting is crucial before calculating the turnover rate.

A pool filter is also essential for semi-permanent pools to catch any sand, dust and particles in the water. For simpler storage in the winter, pool pumps with one-piece filter are best for storage. As in cartridges, these filters are easily to clean while keeping the water clean.

With all the crucial stuff out of the way, there are other human-friendly aspects when choosing. A rigid and rust-resistant frame, for example, helps with the durability. Great structure is definitely recommended for summer-after-summer use.A drain valve is another highly helpful feature for stowing in the winter.

It is not uncommon, even for heavy duty PVC, to leak over a long period of time. An included repair patch will be handy in such cases. So, you can continue the pool while you are sourcing for a new one.

If you are looking for a new stowable swimming pool, visit Water Pump Warehouse. They stock quality above ground swimming pools with pumps and filters included. One purchase and you can enjoy a great summer pool.