Fitness in the gym is becoming more and more popular every year. What is the right Training?


Regular training allows you to achieve the following goals:

Increase the amount of happiness in an athlete’s life. After 3-6 weeks, when the human body is completely accustomed to stress, training from stress turns into pleasure. Physical activity helps in the production of hormones of happiness, which improve your mood on an ongoing basis, make a person more happy and motivated. The first weeks of training are stress. Next – pleasure and relaxation after hard workdays.

Gain muscle mass. Men and women using fitness can change the appearance of any part of the body. Pumping up biceps, back, pectoral muscles or buttocks with the help of fitness is a simple task, the solution of which rests on the knowledge of training principles and time. With the help of Dianabol for Sale, you can both increase your total muscle mass and adjust the appearance of muscle groups separately. Example: a girl wants to pump up her buttocks and get rid of “ears”. To do this, you need to work on the muscles of the buttocks and the outer thigh. The girl does not want to increase muscle mass of the back, arms and other parts of the body. She can pump up the ass separately from the whole body, which will change the appearance of her figure.

Lose weight. Weight loss with the help of programs from the site is a guarantee of success. Men and women who did not manage to lose weight with the help of fitness trained incorrectly. Fitness in the gym is the first thing to think about when losing weight.

Improve the look. Fitness improves the functioning of all body systems, helps cleanse the skin, remove toxic substances. To this effect is added an improvement in figure and shine in the eyes due to the increased level of hormones of happiness. Bottom line – a few months after the start of training, a person becomes the best version of himself. This is the best motivation for people who are unhappy with their appearance. You get the opportunity to comprehensively improve the appearance without significant cost. This is a long-term effect, without operations and other torment.

Improve health. The human body is not adapted to a sedentary lifestyle. At a young age, diseases that were previously considered senile develop. Regular visits to the gym can improve health, prevent the development of “diseases of civilization”, extend life by 10-15 years and improve its quality.

Start the process of self-development. Many of us wander aimlessly through this life, getting pleasure from bad habits and momentary pleasures. Deep inside, we are lost and we are looking for a goal that will break the barrier of boring household news and hopelessness. Which will bring joy to our lives. Self-development is a goal that takes a person to a new level of happiness. Fitness in the gym is a great option to start self-development. The buzz from the fact that today you have become a little better, that today you have filled your life with meaning and are one step closer to the goal, incomparable with the pleasure that you are getting from life now.

Fitness in the gym is much wider than the main fitness goals described above. Everyone will find something in this sport. Someone will find the meaning of life here. Someone is a beautiful body and a new standard of living. Another person will be able to take out all the anger and dissatisfaction with life in the gym, relax his soul during body training. Others will make new acquaintances and begin a more interesting life.

Fitness is something that everyone should try on themselves.

Fitness in the gym. Training principles

Even the most effective exercises in combination with perfect nutrition and recovery do not work if the athlete can not understand the essence of training. Understand how fitness is arranged in the gym, due to what principles you can achieve the result.

Fitness in the gym is 3 principles, the understanding and application of which is 80% of success:

  • The principle of progression of loads in fitness.
  • The principle of supercompensation.
  • The principle of gradualness.
  • The principle of progression of loads

It says: in order to achieve a result, objective training stress must be constantly increased. The first training is a unique stress for the athlete. It starts the process of gaining muscle mass and (or) losing weight (depending on nutrition). After several workouts, the body adapts to the resulting stress by increasing muscle mass, getting rid of fat. Training from mass-gaining and fat-burning pass into the category of “supportive”. The received load is too small to realize the goal of the athlete.

Muscle growth stops, fat burning slows down. An athlete may think that he has been doing fitness for years and puzzle over the reasons for the lack of progress. In fact, he is engaged in physical education.

Now compare the fiftieth program in the first scheme (with the progression of loads), and in the second, where there is almost no progression of loads. The difference between the appearance of the two athletes will be as great as the difference in the amount of training load.

Principle of supercompensation

Fitness in the gym can be beneficial, but in some situations it harms your body or does not have a significant effect on it.

In the first case, you train too often, earn overtraining and suffer from it. In the second, training is too rare.

  • The principle of supercompensation regulates the frequency of training and divides the training process into 4 phases:
  • Muscle fibers are injured, which creates an opportunity for their regeneration and growth. During training, muscle fibers are damaged, not their growth!
  • Muscles and all body systems have received stress, and begin to recover immediately after the workout. After completion of recovery, the body and muscles are in the same condition as before training. Training in the recovery phase is meaningless.
  • The body strives to maintain balance, for which a reserve is created in the supercompensation phase – additional muscle mass, increased working capacity, and the hormonal and nervous systems work. In the phase of supercompensation, it is necessary to conduct a training, to observe the principle of progression of loads. Only in this case the movement to the set goal will be as fast as possible.
  • Loss of supercompensation. In the event that the athlete did not conduct the training in the supercompensation phase, the body stops spending energy on maintaining the trained muscles in a state of high alert. The body returns to the pre-workout state.

Training is only effective in the supercompensation phase! A sign of the onset of supercompensation is:

The absence of pain in the muscle group that you plan to train. The trained muscle should not hurt – this is a sign of the recovery process.

Mental readiness for training. With the phrase “fitness in the gym” there is no gag reflex, which is evidence of a nervous strain.

Supercompensation is also determined during the training. If you are “rushing”, and in each exercise there is an opportunity to do a little more than at the previous training, – with a probability of 99% the training takes place in the supercompensation phase.

Training in the recovery phase is associated with muscle pain and discomfort. The athlete cannot repeat the results of the previous workout in full.

Training in the phase of losing supercompensation is comfort, but the inability to go beyond the previous workout. A similar state is also characteristic of the transition period between recovery and supercompensation, when the body is ready for work, but the reserves have not yet been created.

Observe yourself to shift the frequency of training in one direction or another.

The optimal training frequency is 1-2 workouts for one muscle group every 7 days.

Gradual principle

The principle of gradualness says: you cannot progress too quickly, skipping the stages of the training process. Fitness in the gym is not an instant jerk after the result, but a long, gradual work on yourself. The severity of this work is significantly lower than you imagine, but to achieve the result, training should be regular, and progress should be gradual.

Already from the second workout, your technique will begin to go astray, as the body is not able to progress so quickly. With 3 workouts, your squatting technique will become traumatic, at 4 you are unlikely to do all the work even with the right technique, and at 5 you will be crushed by a barbell. You will not come to the sixth training.

Progress is zero. Discomfort – a lot. Typically, such enthusiasts quickly drop out of the gym, and then tell everyone they know stories like “I tried to pump up, but without steroids it’s impossible.”

You can see the correct progress in the section “The principle of progression of loads”.

Men can progress a little faster than women. If girls take a step forward every 2 workouts, then men take them once every 1 workout.

The speed of progress depends more on individual parameters, but gender is also important. Female testosterone levels are significantly inferior to male ones, and therefore the rate of progress slows down. This does not affect the final result.

Fitness exercise number 1. Run

Class: aerobic exercises.

Purpose: improving health, improving the body, fat burning, toning all muscles.

Running is the most versatile and useful exercise for fitness in the gym. Some types of running (running uphill, sprinting, accelerating uphill – you can use a treadmill with a slope as an ascent) can not only burn fat and tone muscles, but also build muscle.

Fast running is a method of increasing testosterone in men. With the help of accelerations, you can increase the level of the main male hormone by 20-30%, which will accelerate muscle growth.

Running accelerates the metabolism, which speeds up fat burning.

Fitness exercise number 2. Squats

Class: anaerobic exercises.

Goal: pumping the muscles of the legs and buttocks, increasing total muscle mass, losing weight, improving health, preventing the development of diseases of the genital area.

Barbell squats are the best exercise for women, and one of the most effective movements for men. Squats work out all the muscles of the lower body, turn on the muscles of the press and give a static load on the upper body. Using squats, you can increase the strength, endurance and performance of the muscles of the lower body.

Squats with a barbell can be replaced by performing a similar exercise with dumbbells.

Fitness exercise number 3. Chest pulls

Class: anaerobic exercises.

Goal: pumping back muscles, improving posture, creating a proportional figure, working out large muscle masses.

Pull-ups are the best exercise for men, which forms a V-shaped figure in the stronger sex. With the help of pull-ups, men can pump their backs in width and thickness, improve posture, pump up their biceps and shoulders, and give pressure to the press. This is an exercise that should be present in the arsenal of every man.

For women, fitness in the gym dictates different rules: girls rely on working out the bottom of the body, and often do not know how to pull themselves up. You should not focus on pull-ups, but you need to learn how to pull up and supplement your buttocks, legs and abs exercises with exercises for the back and other muscle groups.

An alternative to pull-ups (for those who do not know how to pull-ups) are pull-ups with elastic, pull-ups in the simulator or pulling the upper block to the chest.

Fitness exercise number 4. Bench press

Class: anaerobic exercises.

Goal: pumping the pectoral muscles, developing triceps, the front of the deltoid muscle, improving the proportions of the figure.

Bench press is one of the best exercises that develop torso muscles for men and women. Using the bench press in solo mode, you can build a powerful torso – strong chest, powerful shoulders and triceps. Together with the pull-ups, the bench press works out all the muscles of the upper body, which contributes to the additional production of testosterone and accelerated muscle growth.

In the bench press there is one nuance – for the development of the pectoral muscles, it is necessary to focus on the top of the chest. This is achieved by tilting the bench at 20-30 degrees. Due to this inclination, the load does not go to the bottom of the chest (horizontal press) and does not go to the shoulders (inclination of 45 degrees). The muscles of the upper chest develop the worst, therefore, to create a proportional figure, an inclination of exactly 20-30 degrees is necessary.

Not every gym bench bench can be adjusted to such an angle. Use the alternative – dumbbell bench press on an incline bench. You can combine both presses in the same workout or use them alternately.

Fitness exercise number 5. Hanging legs

Class: anaerobic exercises.

Purpose: pumping up the abdominal muscles, getting rid of fat in the lower abdomen, improving posture.

Raising straight legs in the hang is the best exercise for the abdominal muscles that can be performed in the gym. Exercise is not only effective for pumping up the press, but also benefits the body by improving posture and preventing the development of diseases of civilization.

Raising legs in the hang is better than standard twists. Use this exercise if you have a choice. You can supplement your workout with the press roller.

An alternative is lifting the knees in the hang. Most beginners will not be able to raise straight legs at least 6 times in one approach. Start with your knees, and then complicate the exercise by straightening your legs.

Fitness exercise number 6. Mahi in the slope

Class: anaerobic exercises.

Purpose: pumping the back delta, creating a proportional figure, improving posture.

Machi in a slope is an insulating exercise that does not allow you to gain a large amount of muscle mass.

But since we are interested in the right proportions, tilting swings should be part of our program.

Machi in the slope is an exercise that shifts the emphasis on the development of the back and middle deltas. For most of us, the back and middle deltas are behind the front, which leads to a disproportionate figure. The second problem is the development of scoliosis against the background of stronger muscles of the front of the shoulder. With the development of the back delta, your posture is gradually improving, your shoulders are rounded, and become attractive. This effect is achievable only by performing swing tilts.

Fitness exercise number 7. Rope jumping

Class: aerobic exercises.

Goal: fat burning, toning all the muscles, pumping the muscles of the lower body, the development of functional, improving health.

Jumping rope is one of the best aerobic exercises in the world. The popularity of the rope is low only because it is difficult to sell. Working with a rope is equally useful for men and women.

An hour of jumping rope burns about twice as many calories as an hour of running or an hour of intense work in the gym. Intensive training with a skipping rope helps to eliminate harmful substances from the body. The skin becomes cleaner, a shine appears in the eyes. Muscles come in tone, and fat disappears at maximum speed.

Fighters use a skipping rope to develop endurance and maximize “drying” of the body from excess fat accumulations. When it comes to results, and not about show-offs and advertising, we choose this simple, and childhood-favorite simulator, rather than new pseudoscientific developments.

With intensive work with a skipping rope, there is one caveat – then not only harmful substances are excreted, but also minerals that the body needs. During and after training with a skipping rope, drink mineral water to bring the water-salt balance back to normal.

Fitness equipment. What should be in the gym?

We have selected a list of simulators, without which the gym can be considered inferior:

Bar, pancakes, racks for bar and bench. Workouts with a barbell have built up more muscle than all modern expensive gym equipment combined. Exercises such as squats with a barbell, bench press lying, deadlift barbell, deadlift and other basic exercises are an integral part of training. If there are exercise machines in the gym, but there is no collapsible bar and squats, this is a bad gym.

Dumbbells. Fitness in the gym involves training with dumbbells. Dumbbells can serve as an alternative or in addition to training with a barbell. Without dumbbells, the athlete’s abilities are reduced. A gym without dumbbells is not a gym at all.

Horizontal bar and bars. There is in every gym, but some “progressive” owners of sports clubs who listen to the opinion of scientists who did not hold anything heavier in their hands than a pen, replace the horizontal bar and bars with simulators. Escape from such gyms.

Treadmill or running space. Optimum – a treadmill with the ability to adjust the angle of inclination.

Jump rope. You can buy a rope and bring it with you. Owners of many good clubs often just forget about the benefits of the rope.

Exercise bike. Not the most important simulator, but in a normal gym you can find it.

A belt for securing weight, a belt for performing strength exercises. You will need a belt for securing weight in pull-ups and push-ups on the uneven bars. The weightlifting belt increases safety when doing squats and deadlifts.

Everything else is an addition to the basic inventory. If the gym has many other simulators – this is great. But fitness in the gym is inferior without the equipment listed above.

If there are many progressive trainers in the gym, but there are no racks for the bar or there are no belts for securing weight, select another gym.

As an addition to training in the gym, you can use:

Various expanders and rubber loops. Can be used at home for light workouts. An alternative is warming up in the gym with the help of expanders, as well as working out muscles from new angles.

Roller for the press. It complements the leg lift in the hanging, can be an independent simulator for training the press. Exercises with a roller for a press include muscles in work differently than other movements for working out a press.

Carpal expander. Pumps the muscles of the forearm. It can be used both at home and during training in a gym.

Elastic band for pull-ups. Compensates part of the weight when doing pull-ups. In many fitness clubs, there is a simulator that works on a similar basis. If there is no such simulator in your gym, and you cannot perform 10 pull-ups with the correct technique, use this simulator not only at home or on the street, but also in the gym.

Gymnastic rings and other equipment that adds variety to the training process. The choice of equipment depends on your characteristics and living conditions. Equipment such as gymnastics rings can replace your gym when a visit to a fitness club has failed for some reason. We recommend getting some of the above simulators in order to have an alternative in an emergency.

Training mask. For athletes who are engaged in jogging. A training mask trains the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, allows you to reach a new level in running, to achieve your goals faster.

Comments on the programs:

Weight is an individual indicator. The diagrams indicate the values ??with which the average beginner will be able to work in the first training session. But this indicator is too individual, in connection with which you will need to independently choose the weight of the shell.

In the above programs, gradually add exercises. The longer the training experience, the more exercises the program should contain, and the more splitting it is into individual muscle groups. If at the beginning you work on the split “whole body for training”, then six months later, instead of one training day, 2 is formed. After 2 years – 3 days. After 4 years – 4 training days. The more experience, the more attention needs to be paid to each muscle group in order to make progress.

Fitness in the gym is a constant progress. The speed of this progress is individual. Example: A 16-year-old teenager can do a training step once a training session. A 25-year-old man who works and has responsibilities towards his family – every 2 trainings. A 25-year-old man with an increased level of stress who plows at 3 jobs – once every 4 workouts. A 65-year-old man who learned about the existence of sports a month ago will take a step every 10 trainings.

Use knowledge that enhances your workouts. Check out the sections on healthy lifestyle, motivation, healthy eating, worldview, hormones. These sections will complement your understanding of fitness, put together a puzzle.