Will a Carport Add Value To Your Home?


Are you considering adding a carport to your property but not sure how it will affect the value of your home? When it comes to carports, it could be a great idea in terms of adding value to your home but it can also negatively affect the value of your home at the same time. The key to successfully adding value to your home with the addition of a carport will depend on its location and how it is constructed as well as what materials are used to build it.

Carports are structures that are covered but have no walls. This makes carports very accessible and easy to park a vehicle in while still offering some protection to your vehicle. Carports are most commonly seen as an attached carport to the side of a house but carports can also be freestanding structures. If you are unable to acquire a permit to build a garage on your property due to building codes or you just don’t want to have to spend the amount of money it would take to build a garage, then a carport might just be what you’re looking for. There are all kinds of benefits to having a carport that goes farther than just protecting your vehicle. During summer months, a carport can help keep your car out of direct sunlight and keep the inside of your vehicle cooler. Just as summer months, during the winter a carport will help cut the time you spend de-icing your vehicle in half since it won’t be covered in snow. For a bonus, you won’t have to worry about the birds making a mess on your vehicle anymore either. There is nothing worse than having your car washed and detailed just to take it home for a bird to do its business and use your shiny clean car as a target. Carports can also help protect your vehicle from damage during storms such as falling tree limbs and other debris. Also be sure to mention to your auto insurance provider that you have a new carport to park your vehicle in because, in some scenarios, the added protection for your vehicle can reduce your insurance premiums.

A lot of homeowners all over the country have been building carports on their properties and some of those properties already have an existing garage. Carports can add a value of between around $700 to $10,000 onto a home but purely depends on where it is located on the property and if it is appealing and compliments the rest of the property. Even if your carport doesn’t end up adding value to your home’s property value, having a carport on your property can make your home more desirable then a property without a carport or a garage. The best part is that carports are easy to build and are a common DIY project.

The costs that are associated with building your carport will depend on where it is being built and the foundation required for its location as well as the materials that you used to create your carport. However, these costs can be offset if you choose to take on the project yourself. If you live in a state that is more relaxed when it comes to building a carport such as California, you can even style your carport to be more visually pleasing such as an arbor carport which doesn’t offer as much protection but is much more appealing from the curb. Places that often deal with weather such as hurricanes like Florida have regulations that are much more strict and may not accept an arbor carport to be up to code.