Easy & Foolproof Idea For Every Child’s Birthday Party Gift


Every toddler wants to open something super exciting for birthdays. However, choosing the best birthday gifts for kids can be challenging. Although there are multiple gifting options right from toys to games, it is essential to pick the right gift for your little ones. Don’t be a person who buys last minute birthday gifts for your kid.

As parents, you might look for something that your child can truly connect with and adds value to his life. Here are the top seven easy and foolproof birthday gifts for kids: 

     1. Dollhouse 

A three-storeyed, fully furnished dollhouse that includes a gourmet kitchen and a winding staircase is a popular hit amongst kids. It makes the perfect birthday gift for your little niece or baby girl who stays glued inside the house with her barbie dolls. This birthday, surprise your little princess with the kingdom of her dreams for her dolls. 

     2. Doodle books

At a very young age, kids learn to draw. Many of them develop a knack for drawing, painting, and sketching. To help them explore their creative side, buy doodle books as birthday gifts for kids. Pair the doodle books with art supplies, such as sketch pens, crayons, paints, glitter pens, HD pencils, etc. 

     3. Kids cooking tools

These tools are a fun way to get your kids excited about cooking. It is the best birthday gifts for kids who are your little chefs. This year, bundle up all the kid-friendly cooking tools with a cookbook for them. While buying cooking tools as birthday gifts for kids, keep their age in mind. 

     4. Personalised chocolates 

Let’s face it: You might not succeed in preventing your kids from eating chocolates. It is no hidden secret that your kids love a delicious box of chocolates. This birthday, ditch the regular box and choose personalised chocolate gifts for your kids. Online personalised gifts of chocolate are extra special since they include your child’s image and a birthday message on top of it. 

     5. Chalkboard 

Whether you pick a chalkboard easel or a wall-mounted chalkboard for your kids, they will be able to draw or write on it over and over again with a minimal mess. In addition to this, chalkboards can enhance your child’s fine motor skills. So buy a chalkboard for your kids to make the learning experience fun at home. 

     6. Puzzle kit 

No matter how old your children are, they love puzzles. Irrespective of technology taking over, kids continue to be attracted towards puzzles. Many toddlers are drawn towards them since it stimulates their brains as well as acts as a source of entertainment. Hence, surprise your kids with their one true love: puzzle kit, this birthday. 

    7. Kid-friendly cards 

There’s nothing more fun than taking out the deck of cards and playing it with your kids. It is a foolproof educational yet fun way to entertain your kids indoors. Besides its fun potential, playing cards can allow your kids to strategise, recognise, and build social skills. So gift your kids with classic card games, such as go fish, snap, happy family, etc. 

This birthday, choose birthday gifts for kids that are essential for his growth and development stage. These birthday gifts for kids will not only enhance his skills but also keep him engrossed. This year, celebrate your child’s birthday by adding meaning to his life with these above-mentioned gifting ideas!