Earn more points and chips when you know all the rummy playing cards


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How many times have you played rummy playing cards but couldn’t get enough points or chips? Well, if you are a new player, you are more likely to face this problem. If you want to play better rummy and win, first you need to understand the game better and learn about all the aspects of the game. This is how it starts:

History of Rummy playing cards

The Rummy game is a centuries-old game and throughout time card lovers have played and enjoyed rummy playing cards in its different versions. In 13 Cards Rummy, each player is given 13 cards at the beginning of the game. Each player needs to meld the cards to build a group that can either be of consecutive cards of the same suit, in which case it is called a run or sequence; or a group of similar ranked cards from different suits, which is called a set.

Different variants of the 13 Cards Rummy

  • Points Rummy

This is mainly played for points, each player has to make runs or sets. At the end, the player with the least points wins. You can use the free joker card to replace any of your cards to create the run or set. The joker card does not carry points like the other cards, so it reduces the total points.

  • Deals Rummy

This game is played with a fixed number of deals and chips. After each deal, the losing player surrenders their chips to the winning player. In the end, the player with the most chips wins.

  • Pool Rummy

Here, the players pool in money to play. It is similar to Points Rummy until all players who reach the limit points (101 points or 201 points, depending on the version) get eliminated. The last standing player wins.

Tips and basics of the game

Now, once you know the basics of the game, there are a few things you would need to know about it. The cards and chips used in rummy playing cards are very important, and it is crucial that you know how they work.

  1. The joker card

It is the most important card in rummy. You can use this card in place of any other card to complete your set or run. The joker card doesn’t carry points so it doesn’t add up to the total points.

  1. Wild card

In 21 Cards Rummy a printed card is randomly selected as the wild card. This card also acts as a joker card and can be used in place of any card, but this card carries points.

  1. Ace

The cards marked with “A” are called the Ace card. It can be used as a card smaller than “2” or a card bigger than “King”. However, Ace carries 10 points.

  1. Chips

This is Virtual money. Chips are used in games like Deals Rummy as a replacement for real money. You get the same value of chips as your money.


       With all that in mind, try your hand in rummy playing cards. But don’t forget to learn more about the game first. Just download the Rummy Passion app and keep practicing in your free time and soon you will be winning and earning yourself some money.