Why is it That Steaks that are Cooked in the Same Way Still Taste Different? 


Ask anyone in the industry, even the renowned Chefs at the elite steakhouse like Restaurant Rib N Reef, there are 3 best ways to cook all kinds of steaks – ofcouse, with mild variation in heat and time – are grilling, broiling from char broil performance 475, and pan frying. So, when the methods are the same and the purpose of heat variation is to cook the steaks perfectly, then why is it that each steak differs in taste? 

If you too often ponder about the same, then it might interest you to learn that different steaks come from different sections of a cow. Hence, they differ in texture, tenderness, fat, and juiciness. And, hence, is the variation in taste. To increase your knowledge about what different steaks taste like, we are making a mention of 4 most popular types that come from different sections of the cow. 

  1. Ribeye Steaks

If you’re yearning for a tender and creamy treat, it’s the ribeye steak that’ll set your taste buds right. 

Highly concentrated in fat, these cuts are taken from the upper rib cage of the animal. One classification of such creamy portions is that they are marbled. As a result, they can be cooked on high flame and still, they retain the juicy flavor. 

  1. Filet Mignon Steak

People do enjoy an occasional treat of a buttery steak that’s more tender and less marbled. One such option is the filet Mignon steak aka the tenderloin steak. It has a very low proportion of fat and bends more towards the tenderness quality. 

One of the biggest advantages of filet mignon steak is that it takes lesser time to cook.

  1. Porterhouse Steak

There’s no other steak that’ll be able to tantalize your taste buds with 2 unique flavors – one of filet Mignon and the other of New York steak. That’s because one end of the porterhouse steak is taken from tenderloin and the other from sirloin. So, if feeling like having a double treat, then porterhouse should be your party platter. 

  1. New York Steak

There can be times when one craves for a more beefy flavor. And when that day arrives, it’s the New York steak that you’ll enjoy the most. 

On a closing note, the final taste of the dish will depend upon the chef as much as it will depend upon the cut. Which is why we suggest you visit only authentic steakhouses like rib n reef.