Brigitte as a key to destroying the Double Barriers


Brigitte is one of the key heroes of the brawl meta, and brawlers are the ones who are incredibly good against barriers. A little buff of the Brigitte could make such composition great again and this small update could create another meta composition that could fight against Double Barriers. Most of the players are fed up with the Brawlers in Overwatch, but sometimes you need to let two monsters fight against each other. We need to create something similar to GOAT, but with the 2-2-2 style, and this is one of the best ways of solving the current problem in Overwatch. Bring back the good old Brigitte and let her fight in the frontlines, that is her destiny and that is how the hero was designed.

Doomfist could be another key hero that could turn the meta, he does not care about barriers. If developers would bring the old Brigitte potential she will be similarly good against barrier holders as Doomfist. Just give her mace an ability to pierce through barriers and deal a little more damage, that would be enough.

During the GOATs meta, Brigitte was one of the best heroes due to her self-healing potential. Together with the stun + damage combo it turning her into the durable frontliner who could dictate her own rules on the battlefield. With the insane burst healing (if Brig is hitting more than one target with her splash attacks) she could lead Brawlers against Barrier holders.

I can understand the self-healing reduction that Blizzard announced in the latest patch, in 2-2-2 composition Brigitte was overpowered. She was the only hero with the incredible disbalance between healing and damaging. It was a common thing to see yourself with both gold medals, in Healing done and in Damage done. But all previous nerfes must be nullified to bring her back from the dead. Her 200 HP shield is ridiculous, bring it back to 500 points for the god almighty! I believe that Lucio, Brigitte and Reinhardt combo could efficiently run into the ranks of Double Barrier teams and break them from inside. Brigitte was never used in Overwatch League since Sigma’s release and, I think, that is only because of her overall nerfes. Revert some of her changes and we will prioritize Reinhardt over Orisa once again.

Brigitte Tricks to Abuse

Brigitte is a well-known hero, mostly thanks to the GOATs competition. That famous cost her a lot, she receives a series of direct nerfs and now, in the current state she is almost unplayable. But recently one of the best Brigitte players in the whole world unveil a few tricks that could, and must, be abused if you are still interested in this hero and want to efficiently boost SR in Overwatch, just like every professional from is doing.

Here I will highlight the most interesting tricks of the reworked Brigitte against EVERY hero in Overwatch. This is the most interesting video for every Brigitte player and you need to watch it!. This data would be extremely useful not only to the Brig mains but to all who will oppose her at the battlefield. Let’s start with the simple, how Top 500 Brigitte players are dealing with the various tanks. Professional Brigitte could ruin the day of the D.Va by stunning the mech, while an opponent is sending it towards your allies. The momentum will be lost and the whole plan will be nullified with one simple move.

Almost every one of you has been caught by Roadhog while you are getting pulled by Orisa’s Halt! This is happed due a little bug that allows Roadhog to hook you slightly to the side of the shield. To prevent such a disaster you need to lower down your shield and deploy it only when you are at the apex of Halt! ability.

Doomfist is now shining at his best and he is the worst nightmare of every support in Overwatch, but if you are mastering Brigitte, you could use an insanely effective trick to ruin his day. Do you know that if you will cast a stun into a charged fist punch you not only do not receive any damage but also will stun Doomfist himself? And you do not need to face him, the only requirement is to catch his fist with your model while he is in flight.