Why are Customs Brokers Critical in Crises?


For decades, the shipping industry has been one of the essential sectors around the globe. With international freight forwarding companies, raw materials are delivered to various markets, helping nations provide food and home to the population. Moreover, shipping lines make it possible for many brands to transport goods to their patrons in foreign markets, especially with the rise of e-commerce recently. 

But even though shipping lines are some of the most critical parts of society, various events can significantly affect the entire sector. For example, the imposed lockdowns and social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic have clogged ports worldwide. Apart from this, the current situation in Ukraine, where shipping regulations significantly changed, resulted in closed routes, with freight companies needing to explore other options to deliver the items. 

Investing in customer brokerage firms can help shipping lines navigate the ever-changing shipping guidelines, especially during crises. The help of customs brokers is essential for freight companies to comply with the existing international shipping laws and avoid legal repercussions in the long run. Moreover, they can guarantee that shipments will push through and be completed on time. 

Whether from an independent business or with importers and exporters, customs brokers are some of the most influential people in the shipping sector. For starters, they can help keep freight costs low by reducing errors in documentation and saving time on paperwork. This will allow businesses to save money and use it for other business-critical goods and services. 

Besides this, customs brokers are also well-versed in various shipping laws worldwide and are constantly updated on the changes in those statutes. Whether closed borders, new requirements, or updated costs, customs brokers can promptly inform importers and exporters to help them adjust and comply with the rules. This is crucial in ensuring that all shipments are delivered on time. 

To learn more about why customs brokers are critical during crises, check this infographic provided by Excelsior Worldwide Freight Logistics