Are You Confident Your Teen Will Be a Good Driver?


Having a teenager or two in your home can make for quite exciting times as a parent.

With that in mind, how much excitement will you have when your teen comes to you and says they want to learn how to drive?

For some parents, this moment can prove to be rather emotional.

On the one hand, a teen wanting to learn how to drive is a sign of maturing and growing up. On the flip side, it can make parents worry having their loved one out there on the roads.

So, when it comes right down to it, how much confidence will you have in your teen when they get behind the wheel?

Where Do You Start When They Want to Drive?

If your teen is pushing you to allow them to drive, where best to start?

First, you want to make all the right moves when it comes to preparing your teenager to drive.

He or she of course must pass all the required tests to get their learner’s permit and then a driver’s license. Even once they have done this, there is still much to be done.

You want to make sure your teen takes driving in the responsible manner he or she should.

To start, they must always have their focus on the road in front of and around them. This means no distractions that can lead to an accident.

Among the biggest things to steer clear of:

  • Using a hand-held cell phone while at the controls
  • Messing around with friends in the vehicle
  • Grooming themselves while on the road
  • Not obeying the speed limit and other rules of the road
  • Engaging in road rage with one or more other drivers
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol
  • Driving while feeling sleepy and having trouble keeping their eyes open

Those and other issues while driving can spell doom for your teen and you. As such, make sure they are focused and not susceptible to being in an accident because of their actions.

Be Supportive from Day One

You also want to be supportive as possible when your teen feels now is the time to get behind the wheel.

Keep in mind that being a teen is tough enough. There can often be a lot of peer pressure. As a result, not being able to drive could make it more difficult for your kid to fit in among their friends.

One of the questions you will have to answer is could your kid be influenced by the wrong people they hang out with? That means potentially not being a good driver and being too risky out on the roads. If so, will you still go ahead and sign off on allowing them to get a license at the end of the day?

Last, when it comes time to what they will drive, do you know the answer?

You may let them drive a family vehicle or you might go out and buy them something of their own.

When purchasing your next vehicle that will be mostly or all for your teen to use be sure you have safety in mind.

Your teen will need time to learn the rules of the road and operating a vehicle. As a result, being in the safest one possible is crucial.

If your teen is looking to drive soon, how will you handle this momentous occasion?