Experience the features & user interface by playing on Livepool fixture


By encompassing diverse technologies and tools, developers have created sophisticated online gaming platforms. LivePool fixture and GetMega are two such examples of online gaming platforms. While designing gaming platforms, developers need to consider some factors. Among these factors, User Interface is the most crucial one. The User Interface (UI) of a gaming platform is different from other programs. When a developer creates a gaming app or website he/she installs an additional element within, which is known as fiction. 

A gaming User Interface allows individuals to carry out certain actions within the gaming world. These are designed with the idea of enhancing the gaming experience and simplifying tasks. Also, developers keep in mind the psychology of people while creating a User Interface. Often gaming User Interfaces are optimally displayed to capture the full attention of the players. Apart from developing UIs, online gaming platforms also offer other features. Here we will talk about the user interfaces of LivePool fixture and GetMega along with their appealing features. 

LivePool fixture

LivePool fixture is a fantasy sports app that boasts several sports-based games like cricket and football. Here contestants can compete against each other in both cricket and football matches. LivePool fixture allows individuals to create a team and choose the preferred players and compete against other contestants. Developers have designed a decent and appealing interface that offers gamers a high degree of satisfaction. Since User Interface forms the most crucial part of an online gaming platform, LivePool fixture’s developers have given utmost importance to an intriguing and secured UI. This offers a smooth gaming experience to the players. 

LivePool fixture assures only real and verified people can access its portal. This gaming platform features leaderboards that let people check their ranking on the basis of the tournaments played and won. Also, these leaderboards allow contestants to test their gaming knowledge. Another thing that has made Livepool fixture a great fantasy sports app is its intuitive gameplay. Contestants can get excellent gaming experience by choosing their fantasy players accordingly. With LivePool fixture, contestants can gain deeper insights into sports acumen and develop new and productive strategies. 


GetMega is a well-known gaming platform in India that offers a wide range of games like Carrom, Warship, Poker, Rummy, 123, PickMe and lots more. These games are based on the categories Casual, Cards and Trivia. GetMega developers have designed a clean and user-friendly User Interface that makes the gaming experience a pleasant one. Also, the app hosts vertical and horizontal gameplay based on the different games. For example, if an individual plays games like Warship, Carrom or Poker he/she will experience vertical gameplay. But when the person plays Rummy and GoPool, the app offers horizontal gameplay. GetMega’s interface is also intuitive which makes it simple for the individuals to interact with the games and earn prizes. With the vibrant and optimally displayed elements of this app, gamers can put their entire concentration on the games. 

GetMega only grants access to real players. After the players have registered via Facebook and Google IDs they can participate in different tournaments and matches that the app hosts. GetMega also features 24×7 leaderboards that present the rankings of all the players. These leaderboards are both task and winning based. This means a person can top the leaderboard by winning or simply winning. Also, this app provides audio-video features which makes it one of the most interactive gaming platforms in India

A top-notch gaming platform will create a User Interface that promises to deliver a great virtual experience to the users. Thus, you should check out LivePool and GetMega offering intuitive UI along with other brilliant features and select the right one.

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