7 Modern Office Table Designs That Will Make You Replace Your Cubicle Desk


On average, working professionals tend to spend 40 to 60 hours a week in the office. At times, some workaholics even cross 100 hours a week. Given this situation, comfort is essential for long-time health. According to a study published in the Journal of Public Affairs, Administration, and Management in 2009, office design that considers furniture, comfort, noise reduction, flexibility, and air quality boost employee performance by 10 to 15 %. Therefore, office furniture plays a vital role in boosting the productivity of employees.

Speaking of comfort, the right pair of chair and desk is quite necessary. With office decor becoming popular these days, there is a wide range of office table designs available in the market.If you’re looking for office tables for your employees, then here is a list of few availablemodern office tables online:

Chief Engineered Wood Office Table:

This office table features a dual-tone walnut finish with storage options. The waterfall edge of its MDF PVC foiled top covered with painted glass adds an elegant touch to its appearance. The unique design of this table is suitable for any contemporary or modern decor. With spacious tabletop, you can easily place your laptop or desktop along with table showpieces, indoor plants, picture frames, files, and books. You can also use the desk for writing down notes as you work. The storage comes with 3 drawers and 2 compartment shelves with a door. There’s ample storage space for keeping confidential files as it comes with a safety lock.

Topmark Engineered Wood Office Table:

A beautiful wenge color finish makes this office table an ingenious furniture piece. The ergonomic flap-style design on the front with post form laminated top gives this table an aesthetic touch. It is suitable for western, modern, or contemporary office decor. There are two types of storage available: pedestal and side. With the locking mechanism, you can safely store the confidential office files and papers. Made with pre-laminated particle board, the table features a suave look and is quite durable and sturdy. You can comfortably place your laptop and work essentials on top while still having a place to festoon it with plants, picture frames, and figurines.

Nova Engineered Wood Walnut Regato Office Table:

Designed ergonomically in walnut regato finish, this table stands true to every employee’s need. The unique design with an extra mini tabletop will fulfill your desire to adorn your desk. You can place showpieces, plants, photos, and what not to decorate your office table. The spacious working space is enough for you to set the laptop or desktop while letting you write side by side. It features a keyboard tray underneath.

Nova Engineered Wood Vermont Finish Office Table:

Simple yet elegant are the words for this table. Beautifully constructed with Vermont finish, this table is ideal for a modern or contemporary decor style.The tabletop features a silver waterfall edge and comes with enough workspace that can accommodate your laptop, files, and showpieces efficiently.

Integra Engineered Wood Office Table:

This wooden office table is made from a pre-laminated particle board and is available in sizes of 4 and 5 ft. It features a fixed pedestal style that is simple yet beautiful, thanks to the walnut regato finish. It is suitable for traditional decor. The 3 drawer storage options are lock safe, so you can store all the work essentials without any worries.

Glass Office Table:

Glass tables always look chic. Although it beautifies the look of your office, it requires extreme caution and high maintenance. It has a space-saving design that is perfect for open office culture or pretty chill co-working spaces having bean bags, couches, and sofas. It comes along with separate glass storage with wooden drawers.

Niccol Adjustable Table:

This one is a classy piece. The flexibility offered due to its wheels lets you easily shift the table from one place to another. There is a mix of open and closed storage spaces that can accommodate most of your work essentials. This office desk features a partly wood-partly metal design topped with toughened glass. The tabletop offers ample space to place your laptopand writing. In case of important notes or any constructive idea, you can simply jot it down on the glass tabletop that also works as a whiteboard.

Time to Think Out of Box with Dedicated Open Office Tables!

After reading this article, now you might have been in a confusion of choice. The office table prices may vary based n brand, material, and design. So, you can do your research, compare the table features and prices, and pick the one which is best for you.