Handy Examines the Coolest Concept Cars of 2020



CES is a massive annual event where consumer electronics and different products behind closed doors of R&D departments come to light. This year and perhaps every year after this, brands and the world, in general, are betting big on electric vehicles (EV). Handy examines some of the coolest concept cars to come out of CES and other launch events in 2020:

The Cars

  1. Sony Vision-S concept – This was one of the biggest reveals and a delightful surprise in CES 2020. Sony has a new connected car platform and the best way to show it off is a fully baked brilliant EV. The Vision-S is just that. It has around 33 sensors embedded around its body to detect everything from people and nearby cars to everything else.

Sony isn’t looking forward to entering the booming EV market anytime soon. However, it plans to sell these connected car technologies to automakers and has partnerships with a few Japanese automakers to put that plan into motion.

  1. Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR concept – With a glance at this car, one word pops up into your mind, “Avatar”. It looks like something out of James Cameron’s 2009 blockbuster hit and apparently, it’s a source of inspiration for Mercedes that has been well put into the car. Other than the pulse and breath sensors, this car has plenty of other cool features.

Wheels with sick lights aren’t anything new. However, if they can pivot and crab walk sideways with a huge body of metal, it makes you think. Let’s hope this technology drips down to production models so that we can all enjoy a hassle-free parking experience.

  1. Volkswagen I.D. Buzz Cargo – As EVs are becoming more popular and being adopted at a quicker pace, it is no wonder that they are coming in all sizes and shapes. Volkswagen has a new concept EV which is based on the classic VW bus. The ID BUZZ is longer than its predecessor and even has a solar panel roof.

It also has plenty of high voltage outlets that let you plug in your power tools. With great upgrades without any compromise on its charm, Volkswagen plans to make it a workhorse of a car. It claims to have a range of 340 miles, which puts it in league with other popular models.

  1. Audi AI: Trail Quattro – If you fantasize about a ride over unpredictable terrain while having a sandwich and reading a book, Audi may have an answer for you. The Trail Quattro probably takes inspiration from both sci-fi movies and rovers launched by NASA. It has a four-wheel drive which makes no compromise on power with four electric motors, each dedicated to a wheel. It promises a range of 300 miles on the highway which gets cut down by half on the trail.


According to Handy, concept cars may not translate into production models, but they provide us a glimpse into the future of the automobile industry. From the concept cars of 2020, it seems we are moving towards an all-electric and autonomous future.