3 Areas that are often overlooked while deep cleaning a restaurant


Cleanliness is the most important aspect of the restaurant business. It is important so that the quality and safety of the food can be maintained and also for the safety of the employees. Regular cleaning maintains the equipment in good condition and ensures longevity. While you do clean your restaurant daily, deep cleaning is required at least once a month. You can choose to deep clean your restaurant on your own or hire a professional like JAN_PRO Australia for the job, each having related pros and cons. Hiring a professional ensure that every inch of your place is covered for the cleaning and everything is cleaned in the right way with the right instruments, Most often deep cleaning is focused on the obvious areas like kitchen area, seating and dining area, restroom, floor, etc. However, some areas are overlooked which are equally or more important regarding the safety of the food being served and the employees of the restaurant. Here are some of the areas that are overlooked but need your attention.



  • Exhaust hoods


Kitchen is a place that is often filled with different sorts of odors and can also be suffocating if not properly ventilated. Exhausts are installed to ensure push out all the smell and fumes and keep the air quality healthy for the people working in the kitchen. For that reason, exhaust hoods are thoroughly cleaned frequently so that the air in the kitchen is maintained fresh. The exhaust hoods are often clogged with grease due to constant fumes of oil in the kitchen. First, the filters should be removed and washed. You should scrap all the oil, grease, and dirt from the hood. You can use the traditional method of cleaning which involve chemical. However, make sure that you do it safety and do not harm your eyes and hands with chemical. Professionals, these days, use better and safer way of spray and vac. They spray a solution and then use a water jet to clean the.


  • Walk-in Refrigerators


Walk-in refrigerators are popular in restaurant business and are used all day long. If you are a hygiene conscious restaurant owner, you would get the entrance of a walk-in refrigerator twice a day, the floor daily, and handles once on a while. However, the part of these refrigerators that are most used, the shelves, are left unnoticed. The shelves are used to store food that often spills over. There are marks of the oil or curry from the bottom of the containers kept inside. You should empty the shelves and deep clean them at least once a month. Do not forget to clean the top, bottom, walls, floor, entrance way, and inside of the door while doing so. 


  • Steam boxes


These are known with different names. They are called steam boxes, hot boxes, or proofing boxes. This amazing equipment provides environment to keep the prepared food warm and moist. These units get dirty more quickly than you believe. These are used to keep hot food and when the units cool down, the steam and oil droplets settles on the inside walls. The moisture also elevates the chances of bacteria growth. It is important that you vacuum dry the unit and clean it thoroughly to ensure that it is fresh, dry, and bacteria-free.