Common signs to spot fake removal companies


Did you know that moving scams has seen a significant rise in recent years? Yes, scammers bait innocent customers and get away with their money and valuables. So, the need to be alert when choosing removalists is understandable. That’s why this article has some of the common things that fraudsters do for you to identify and avoid.

No home survey

Usually, you can get a rough quote from the company’s website. But for an exact estimate, a professional from the company has to visit your home. Only after surveying your house can he give you the exact details about the move. But fraudsters will insist that a home survey is not a big deal and only the travel distance matters.

Along with travel distance, your stuff’s size and weight are also a factor in determining the cost. So, if a company says no to a home survey, better say no to them.

Casual glance

A professional will conduct the home survey for price estimation and determine how to do the job properly. For example, companies like Nuss Removals will calculate the necessary number of crew members and trucks before giving you a precise quote. So, the home survey’s main purpose is to get an idea about how big your move is. But if you notice that a representative takes a casual walk inside your home with a cursory glance, he is not there to do anything. Make sure to avoid that company.

Initial deposit

Generally, a legal company won’t ask for large initial deposits. Plus, they will ask you to pay only after delivery. But a fraudster doesn’t go by the norm. So, if a company asks you to do otherwise, don’t fall for it.

Physical address

For a legal company to operate, a physical address is necessary. If they provide a vague or incomplete address, don’t go to them.

Legal contract

Don’t go for verbal affirmations. That won’t help you in times of trouble. Make the transaction legally official by putting everything in writing. Even if the company is highly rated, don’t sign the contract until you read everything. If there are some doubts, call the company and ask them. Make sure no hidden costs are present. But if a company gives somewhat an empty contract with very few details, you have to ditch it.


When searching for good removalists, you would have seen unbelievable quotes that would have made you doubt your eyes. Yes, for a really cheap cost, some companies promise to offer their service. But this where you need to get alert. This is bait to lure customers in. After negotiating, they may pressure you to pay extra for “high-quality service.” While this may seem like a wise choice, it is a scam.

You are paying for the travel distance and for the things you want to get transported – not for quality. This is something that the company should give to all customers regardless of the size of the move.

Final words

With the above tips, you got nothing to worry about. Before you hire anybody, do a background check. Your research can help you to find the right removalists in Sydney.

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