World Cup Favourites for 2022



With the Euros and Copa America coming to an end, football fans around the world now have their eyes firmly set on the world cup taking place next year in Qatar for a tournament a little closer to Christmas than many had envisioned – there’s already plenty of speculation though from those who are choosing winners early as they looked to wager on some sites not blocked by gamstop in hopes of winning big, but who are the favourites going into the World Cup, and what could a safe bet be?

The two big choices come from both the winner of the Euros and the Copa America for Italy and Argentina – Italy were unable to make it to the 2018 World Cup but having won four times with the most recent in 2006, it’s hard not to rule them out, particularly as they had such a solid appearance in the Euros leading to their win. Argentina did make it to the 2018 World Cup but were knocked out in the Round of 16 by eventual winners, France, and coming off a high from their Copa America victory, they certainly could look to clinch a win. Both will have to make their way through plenty of tough competition to secure the win though.

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Copa America contenders Brazil were able to make it all the way to the quarter finals of the 2018 WC and are always a tough team to rule out. With passions high following their loss to Argentina, the Brazilians may feel they have something to prove, and certainly have a team that can compete on the world stage. The same is true for England, having played extremely well throughout the Euros and being knocked out in the semi-finals in 2018, many believe they’re able to field one of the strongest player rosters in the world, and it is requiring only one strong performance where everything aligns to win their second world cup. 

Other big contenders like Belgium were also looking incredibly strong throughout the Euros and did well in 2018 too, many believed it was going to be a close race between either Italy or Belgium winning the Euros and having lost to the eventual winners, Belgium fans will certainly be a little more content with the result – others like Croatia and Uruguay put up incredible 2018 performances too and will also be teams to keep a close eye on in order to do the same. Lastly comes the previous winners of France, whilst they didn’t look unstoppable at the Euros, they have an incredible team and certainly have every chance of winning world cups back to back, all it’ll take is bouncing back from their Euro losses are going in to the tournament confident.