What Haircut Should I Get This Summer? Talk To Your Barber!


When summer hits your door, it’s the right time to get a chance to step outside with a new brand look. It’s the perfect time to change your looks, and change your haircut that suits your personality and gives you an elegant look. Here are some ideas you must try this summer to get a perfect hairstyle.

Crew Cut For A Oval Face Shape

The crew cut is known as a famous traditional American style with little changes in fade cut on both sides that are no longer now, with the top longer depth cut. The crew cut is designed equally shorter on the right and left sides with a little short top cut.

Undercut For A Round Face Shape

The undercut celebrity and formal cut frequently slicked back and showed short, faded sides and a high, disconnected top layer. The two fades seem to combine; the distinction between them is a little intense and different. Celebrities follow this style for comfort and to look smart. The undercut haircut on round face shape is  a schoolboy and a sportsman

Side Part Cut For A Oblong Face

People who prefer side cuts with long hair look too intelligent and confident. The main difference between the length on top and the sides is called the cornerstone of side part cutting. An expensive scissor taper exposes your skin without any mistake and gives you equal volume and shape. But, you don’t need to stress about its extra layer. You can comb or pull to tie up your hair in any direction you like.

Off Cut For A Heart Shaped Face

Another classy and versatile haircut and liked by many famous supermodels and movie actors. You have to defdefineur Barbershop in Park Slope to take close 3inches shato ve on the sides Top, Middle, Bottom. It’s combed upward and then curbed with the hair product. During your appointment for this hairstyle, you have more than three inches for clear edge cutting.

Pompadour Cut For A Triangular Face Shape

The pompadour style is faded on the ear sides, inlined by a close trimmed into a mid-level fade or taper with expensive scissors. It gives you an intense, finishing, and lining up hairline and defines your hair’s bends. The top cut of hair is frequently longer, more so on the front side, shorter in the back.

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