Travel to Chennai- Abode of Carnatic Music


Traveling is a single word that has deep implications for those who truly understand the experience. Even for the rest, traveling is like a treasure trove lying in their front yard waiting to be opened. This imagery may seem a bit far-fetched, but you need to have an adventure of your own to believe its legitimacy. However, many people stand stumped upon realizing that deciding the destination of your travel plans is not a walk in the park. To resolve this predicament, let us propose a solution. Venture into the depths of South-India, and pay a visit to Chennai.

Chennai is a place famous for its culture, tropical climate, monuments, and its Carnatic music. People from North India may find the climate a bit challenging. However, this is a concern easily mitigated by a minor adjustment period. On your first day, you might feel a little discomfort with the weather, but you’ll quickly ease into it. Furthermore, there are many tools in a traveler’s kit that help in tackling environmental conditions. Staying hydrated can be one such tool with regards to a Chennai trip. Moreover, all the other aspects of the experience more than makeup for the weather-related inconvenience. Simply put, if you are planning a holiday in the southern parts of India, you should not miss visiting Chennai at least once in your lifetime.

Airlines are the most comfortable, effective, and efficient way of traveling to Chennai. You might feel a bit attacked at the proposition as airlines tend to be more expensive than other modes of travel. However, before indulging in a burst of fury, hear us out. If you undergo an uncomfortable commute, you’ll need a day to recover from that. Spending the first day of your travel plans without any excitement is not worth it. Moreover, there are many financial burdens linked with staying far from home. Traveling is not a cheap activity by any means. Hotel rooms cost money. Food costs money. Even trying out new things doesn’t come for free. So, by missing out on the chance to use your first day for thrilling touristy activities, you stand a loss in the grand scheme of things. In other words, the advantages of traveling in Airlines are the lowest travel time, fewer crowds as compared to trains and buses, and hospitality.

With the Airfares becoming cheap and festivals around the corner, one should book airplane Flights to Chennai to maximize their convenience and to reduce the sweat and discomfort caused by visiting via trains and buses. Here are some reasons for visiting Chennai:-

  • Festival Season: Since the festive season is going on, prominent airline companies are offering several goodies on plane flights to Chennai. Chennai is termed to be the most visited city in India from 2010-2012 owing to the heritage sites such as Mahabalipuram and Kanchipuram. Rail museum is also one of the prominent places to visit in Chennai. Due to the presence of an International Airport, it has become more convenient for foreigners to book plane flights to Chennai. The presence of an International airport along with excellent hospitality makes visiting Chennai a bang for the buck.
  • Music and Entertainment: Chennai is famous for its Rock and Roll music and concerts. Although the music festivals in Chennai are not as famous as the Sunburn festival, they surely hold their grounds by hosting some of the big players in the music industry. Due to the sudden rise in the trend of listening to Carnatic music, Chennai has also become the go-to place to visit for Carnatic Music enthusiasts.Named after veteran Tamil actor MG Ravichandran, MGR film city is so famous in Chennaithat there is a whole road in existence in the name of MGR Film City road. It spans a whopping area of 70 acres and it is usually very common to sight Tamil actors there. It also includes replicas of Temple, Mosque, Church, and a post office. One should not miss this chance to visit this place.
  • Beaches: Since Chennai is a tropical city, it is very obvious that several beaches exist in the city. The best one is the Cavelong Beach. It is famous for its beach activities such as surfing and swimming.Mahabalipuram being less than 20 km from this beach, and all other famous cafes within the 1km mark serve as an icing to the cake. The serene atmosphere native to Chennai’s coastline makes its beaches great spots for tourists. All in all, Chennai has a pretty tranquil aura, and the beaches in the city take that tranquility to another level.
  • Temples: There are ardent devotees of Lord Krishna in the whole world. Chennai is home to the most recent temple of Lord Krishna that was made in 2012. Lord Krishna devotees from all over the world must not want to miss the chance to visit this temple. So, the remedy is to book airplane flights to Chennai to visit this temple for getting redemption, and to make their soul free from evil.

Luckily, people residing in Chennai are granted access to facilities such as serene beaches, tropical climates, flashy concerts, ethnic foods, and good hospitality. The travel experience that this city provides is one of its kind. Moreover, the population in the city is very welcoming of tourists. We can see all types of people from all types of ethnicities. Truly, it is a unity in diversity.

Concerning the safety of women, Chennai holds a good reputation. Due to the presence of an International airport, foreign people book airplane flights to Chennai. However, that doesn’t mean that people from within the country do not travel to Chennai by air. Since the city has a well-connected flight network, people from different parts of the country as well as the world travel to Chennai all the time. Moreover, if you book tickets at the right time, you can also end up saving your money. Online booking websites host offers and discounts every now and then. All in all, if you’re planning a trip to Chennai, use an online booking website to book your flight tickets for the best possible experience.