Tips to consider when choosing an SEO agency


Anyone who runs a website will sooner or later stumble across terms such as online marketing and search engine optimization. In order to give the website a relatively good ranking in the search results of the search engines, i.e. to list the page relatively far up or at the top, SEO is essential. Even start-ups have to think about this if they “want to be found” on the internet. For many, the question arises as to who should optimize the website. This article is intended to give you clues as to who to choose and what to look out for when choosing an SEO agency. Choosing the SEO agency Singapore is a nicer than ever now.

Determine the Status Quo or Identify Problems or Define Goals

The first thing to do is to find out how Google search works. What guidelines does Google have etc.? Then the status quo of your own website is determined, problems are identified and goals are defined from them. This is the only way to estimate what SEO is necessary because SEO can improve a website. But be careful, such measures are also risky and can also cause great damage to the site. The Google Webmaster Guidelines and SEO literature for beginners are very helpful here. If the knowledge is not sufficient for this, an agency can be commissioned with an SEO analysis of your own site at this stage.

External Help Or Rather In-House

After the situation has been analyzed and the goals and tasks have been defined and are therefore known, a decision can be made as to whether SEO is to be operated in-house or whether this entire area or parts of it should be outsourced to an agency. Sometimes SEO training or technical advice is enough and then search engine optimization can be done by you (in-house). If the start-up has not yet had any SEO-savvy employees, an SEO consultant could alternatively be hired.

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Transparency and Differentiation

You should find out exactly what and how the relevant SEO agency works and get detailed information about any measures. Monthly reports should be standard even without being asked. In the cooperation between the SEO agency and your company, a constant exchange of information must be guaranteed. An agency should always be helpful in all matters and respond individually to the wishes and requirements of the customer. A good guide here is:

  • Analysis of the situation
  • Defining the goals
  • Setting the strategy
  • Definition of the corresponding measures
  • Setting the budget
  • Result-oriented control

The downscaling of unrealistic customer expectations to more realistic goals can also speak for seriousness.

Statements That Should Make You Suspicious

“We guarantee that you will rank in the top 10 on Google in no time” With this statement, two warning lights should go on. Nobody can guarantee a top 10 ranking on Google. The algorithm that Google uses has many factors and not all of them are known. Agencies that claim to know these or make such promises may be using black hat methods that can end up harming their site and company. In good SEO agencies, nothing happens quickly and not in a very short time. Good SEO is a long-distance discipline that requires perseverance and patience.

Stay Away From Overly Cheap Or Cheap Services That Are Unclear About Their Methods

Especially as a start-up, money is not that easy, but you should still think twice about accepting the seemingly cheaper offer. Quality has its price and you have a right to know what methods are used. If you do good SEO, you have nothing to hide from your customers.