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Many individuals have inquired about the possibility of a person in an irregular position in Spain marrying another Spanish citizen. Yes, without a doubt. The fact that one does not have “papers” does not prevent one from being allowed to be married in the United States. However, civil registries typically ask a number of questions in order to verify the validity of mixed marriages, which are defined as those in which one of the parties is a Spanish national or a citizen of the European Union and the other party is a citizen of a third country or territory. Here are the things that you will need to know about the spain weddings.

They are unable to marry because of the nullity of their marriage:

Minors who are not emancipated

As long as the contractual party is a minor, only his or her parents, guardians, or legal guardians, as well as the Public Prosecutor’s Office, have the authority to demand the nullification of the contract. In most cases, after a minor contracting party has reached the age of majority, it can only be exercised by that minor contracting party, unless the marriage has been validated because the spouses have lived together for one year after attaining the age of majority.

  • A group of people who are related to a prior and undissolved marriage relationship.
  • Up to the third degree of consanguinity, collaterals are available.
  • Convicted of the deliberate killing of any of their spouses, either as the author or as an accomplice to the crime. The Minister of Justice has the authority to dispense it.

An original birth certificate, a copy of your registration certificate, a copy of your status certificate, and a written declaration, signed by both parties, are required to be given to the judge in charge of the Civil Registry.

Anyone who has been previously married must produce a certificate of their prior marriage, together with a marginal registration of the divorce or nullity, if they have been previously married. If someone is a widower, they must bring the death certificate of their dead spouse with them to the appointment. This is important regarding weddings spain.

Marriage between a Spaniard and a foreigner is recognised by law.

If you want to get married in Spain, you must first make an appointment with the person in charge of the Civil Registry in the province where you live, and you must have the following documents with you:

In the event of both single spouses, the following is true:

  • A photocopy of the contractual parties’ DNI / NIE is required.
  • The Civil Registration Office issues a literal birth certificate.
  • Document proving one’s registration or residency.
  • Instance of the Civil Registry containing an affidavit concerning the marital status of the contracting parties.

In the case of a foreign residence:

You will need to obtain a declaration of singleness as well as a declaration of Spanish nationality from the Consulate of the country in which you now reside. For foreigners who wish to marry in Spain, they may do so in accordance with Spanish law or in accordance with the personal law of either or both spouses’ home countries.