The Importance of Mental and Physical Health while preparing for your JEE


As the days of the JEE exams drive near, most of you are going under the panic attack on how will you perform in these examinations. We agree that these examinations are very important and can be a building block in your career. But tell us, how are you going to sustain a futuristic career without being mentally and physically healthy? Well, that is the reason why though preparing for a JEE advanced exams, you should also keep a track on your mental and physical health. Now, you will tell us that the JEE advance syllabus is huge and it becomes almost Impossible to consider these factors long with preparing for these examinations. So, just to clear your mind on this matter, here is the importance of mental and physical health during the preparation for your jee exams.

  • Being physically healthy means studying for long hours — You might agree with us that JEE examination preparation requires studying for long hours. Of course, taking break within this time period is important as you complete your JEE advance syllabus. However, if you are not physically healthy and are constantly complaining about back ache or headache, tell us how are you going to study consistently for your examinations? That is why if you take care of your health and exercise regularly, you will be able to sit and prepare for your examinations for hours.
  • Peace of mind is required for grasping the difficult topics easily — The JEE advance syllabus isn’t a cakewalk actually! You require a very clear and active mind to understand all the concepts easily. And even after that, to remember that and recollect during the time of examination also needs peace of mind and good mood. But, if your mood is not good or you are confused or depressed, even tired, you won’t be able to understand the matter easily. This will not only lead to wastage of time during your course, but you’ll also get frustrated and demotivated to give the exams. That is why it is important that you have your proper sleep and meditate each morning when you are preparing for your JEE examinations.
  • Good timely diet leads to better concentration — Some of you are so stressed and worried during your examinations that you start skipping meals or munching on junk food to save your time. Remember, if you are not having proper diet or not eating on time, both of these will lead to poor concentration. Even having too much coffee or tea to stay awake during the night for your examination is bad for your health and even studying at the end of the day. So, ensure that you are having your meals on the timely basis and eating healthy food that leads to better concentration and good physical health during your course.
  • Avoid doctors visits can lead to a bigger issue — We understand that you are preparing for the JEE examination and you hardly have time for your doctor’s regular visit. But if you are avoiding it when you are ill, it might lead to serious consequences later. You might even not be able to appear for your examination if your health deteriorates. So, as soon as you start feeling any mental or physical health issue, ensure that you are taking a doctors appointment and having your medications regularly.