How to Choose the Best IAS Coaching?


Becoming an IAS officer is a dream of many Indians. However, qualifying for the UPSC examination and getting a chance of being an IAS officer is not easy. You have to go through a lot of training and practice to crack the UPSC examination with a high rank. Only then will you get a chance to be an IAS official.

You have to compete with a lot of aspirants to get a high rank in IAS. If you are a UPSC aspirant, you have to show the right attitude and approach towards education. You also need to develop conversational skills and the power to think to be a part of the Indian Administrative Services. Do you dream of becoming an IAS officer? Are you looking for a good institution that will help and guide you to achieve your aim?

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Are you confused about which institution is the top IAS coaching in Delhi? Here, in this article, we will bring to you a list of features that you should consider before getting into an institution for IAS preparations.

Things to keep in mind before choosing IAS coaching

  • Take feedback from students who have studied in that coaching.

You can find out which students have studied in that coaching before finalizing it. Talk to them about their experiences and the teaching quality. You can also find out about the study materials provided to the students.   You may also go for IAS online coaching.

You may also talk to the student currently studying in that institution. These things will help you know about the institution before you finalize it.

  • Take details about the dates and timings.

Before you finalize the coaching center, know about the batch timings and the days they teach. Also, find out if extra classes or remedial classes are provided or not. Find out if these classes are as per your convenience or according to the schedule they make.

It will help you know how to cope with your daily schedule.

If you are pursuing a degree from a college or university, the schedule will help you understand if you will be able to manage both.

  • Find out information about the teachers.

Try to explore the educational background of the faculty members. Teachers with the proper educational background will be able to provide guidance to the IAS aspirants and help them achieve their goals. They need to have sufficient experience to keep the students on the right track.

IAS exam preparation solely depends on the guidance and knowledge of the teachers.

Not all students have the same weakness. Find out if the teachers show individual attention and help the students overcome their weaknesses. The background of the faculty members plays a crucial role when it comes to choosing the right IAS coaching.

  • Know about the strength of a batch before enrolling in a coaching center.

Overcrowded batches will not help in personal growth. Opt for a batch with a limited number of students. The students also get the chance to interact with the teachers. In a batch of limited students, they can discuss their doubts and share their problems with the teachers easily.

  • Check the infrastructure of the institution.

Check if the infrastructure of the institution is fit for studying. Also, find out about the number of branches they have. Any popular institution will generally have several branches. A good infrastructure will create the right environment for IAS preparations.

Final words

Keep the following things in mind before choosing a coaching center for IAS preparation.