The Best Potato For Making Salad


There are different varieties of potato in the world and getting the right one from the store to make a perfect salad for you could be confusing and time-consuming. You could end up buying the type that will come out looking marshy due to the extra starch which they have and not like your regular potato salad. While going to the store, you need to look out for red potatoes, they are the best species for making your salad. They are also the best potato type for making fries which I really do enjoy eating with grilled chicken. 

Red potatoes are my favorite because it is highly nutritious with a thin skin which comes off easily while peeling and do not become marshy after being cooked. It can be soft but they don’t break easily. They do not have cholesterol and contain vitamin c, no fat, and lots of potassium which the body needs. The next time you want to make potato salad,  you know the type of potato to get. All you need to make your potato salad are your eggs which should be boiled, celery, white vinegar, salt, fresh pepper which should be grounded, and any salad dressing of your choice used for salad dressing. 

To make your potato salad, you can either peel the skin or leave the skin. Wash your potato after peeling or washing the body of the potatoes and put it in a clean pot of water. Place your pot of water on medium or low heat. Allow the potatoes to boil for fifteen to thirty minutes. Then, make use of a fork to check if it is soft. Bring the potato down from the fire and drain the excess water. Leave the potatoes for five minutes to get warm and add your vinegar so that the potatoes can suck in the vinegar before cooling off completely. Break the already boiled eggs and slice them. Then make sure that you do not season it before adding your mayonnaise but after adding the mayonnaise.

 It prevents the potato from bringing out water when you do it this way. You should also use potatoes of the same sizes. It makes all your potatoes ready at the same time. Allow the potato to absorb the goodness of the different flavors. You can do this by letting your red potatoes sit for a good two to three hours. It is best to prepare it ahead of time and your salad will taste better when it is cold.