Paint your walls to paint your mind-Role of colours on moods and thoughts


We all love to paint our home once in a while to change its appearance and make it look awesome and new. But what if there is a leakage in the house? Leakage can cause a lot of problem in the house. It scars the interior of the house, decreases the strength of the structure, assists bacterial and fungal growth. Can painting the house alone solve the problem of leakage? Painting might cover the patches or damp look from the wall. However, it cannot fix the problem and the seepage will show up after a few days. Thinking hard about how to solve this issue permanently?

Waterproofing solutions in Kolkata & any other locations you live in by experts is the answer to all your queries and is a sure shot help to fix the problem of leakage and seepage. It prevents moisture from entering the walls, roof, terrace, balcony and bathrooms with nano-technology based solutions. It bridges the crack with high- quality weather resistance. These solutions guarantee no water leakage preventing moisture and crack and it can be applied effortlessly. It ensures to provide a solution to the undermentioned areas and problems caused by them-

  • Roof-The roof becomes unsafe when water starts penetrating the wall through the roof.
  • Bathroom-The leakage in the bathroom can lead to stripping off the paints from the wall making it discoloured.
  • Terrace- Due to extreme temperature variations, cracks occur in the terrace leading to leakage in the wall.
  • Basement-The rainwater entering through sidewalls or groundwater through capillary action leads to seepage in the basement.
  • Wall- Water from the external wall can enter into the internal wall making it blotchy.

The waterproofing solution gives long-lasting protection to all these areas making it durable and increasing its life.

After your house is made free of all moisture, leakage, seepage, it’s time to paint the house. When we think of paint, we think of suitable colours that suit our room and match our personality. Colour influence our mood. Choosing the right colour becomes significant as some colours give a calming effect and some colours are irritating.

As the living room is the focal point of a home, styling it becomes crucial. It is the place where we spend most of our time reading, watching TV, gathering with family and friends and many fun activities. Some of the best colours for living room wall painting can be-

  • Kelly green- The green accent wall fills the room with freshness and warmth. It can be combined with a tint of whites to give a feeling of fulness. The neutral shades of green give the natural look. This colour also leads to creative thinking.
  • Royal blue – It makes the room lovely and bold with its high gloss finish. It makes you feel relaxed and brings thoughts of trustworthiness to mind.
  • Beige hue- This soft palette gives a warm feeling. It also appears grey-green with some lightings.
  • Pale blue- It gives the room a calming vibe and makes the room lighter and airy.
  • Tangerine- This colour makes the room dynamic and sunny.
  • Bright red- It makes the room bold and bursting and fills you with vibrant energy and is attractive.
  • Hot pink- It gives an intense look making it transitional and timeless.
  • Raspberry- This makes the room more friendly and inviting making it flamboyant.

Paint your walls with these options and express your thoughts through the colourful walls of your home.